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From the moment Edward saved Bella from being run over by Tyler, he was protective of her. He said he didn't know exactly why, but he just couldn't let her be hurt.

Besides her every day accidents, Bella was not in only imagined danger. The danger was real.

I guess the first time she was in danger was when Edward first saw her in biology. But the first time she was in major danger was at Port Angeles. That time it was a good thing that he was worried for her safety. If he had not followed her, I think we know what would have happened to her.

But, then there was James. She actually came within a few mouthfuls of blood from dying.

She was threatened with death at least once in each book, as well as other things that at least might, or actually did, harm her.

As far as Edward was concerned, the werewolves were as dangerous as the other things she had faced. It was as bad for him as it would be for us, if our loved one went into a place that we knew was highly dangerous. Where we thought it was likely that they would a least be hurt, if not killed, even if they thought it would be okay.

On the other hand, my biggest problem with Edward was, not that he might have been overprotective, but that he didn't listen to Bella. He was so worried for her safety that he wouldn't listen to her when she pleaded with him to let her go see Jacob. She told him that she had been okay in La Push before he came back. Why would he think it had changed just because he was back? First he left her, then he didn't listen to her. That was the main reason I was so angry at Edward in Eclipse.
YES! I totally agree. though I can see his point. He feels like he dragged her into this world he lives in so he has to protect her from it. Not only that but he loves her and cannot live without her so he feels he needs to protect her from her world and herself. Though it would be SUPER ANNOYING! the way he follows her and keeps her from living her life the way she wants to like with jacob... and the wolves. but ya know... its EDWARD... Bella loves him so she puts up with it.
Ya he is kind of over protective but u know a vampire is trying to kill her so i understand that. But i think its weird he watches her sleep!
Edward is very overprotective, but with good reason. "All I could think was, not her." i think that explains everything perfectly. :)
Edward is pretty overprotective of her but he just wants to keep her safe. He doesnt want her to get hurt. :)
i most definetly do agree to a certain extent that Eeward does become too overprtectiing of Bella. At one point ( when i got to read Midnight Sun ) i thought i saw why Edward acted the way he did...but then when i was reading some part about Bella, and how she was in phis ed class and she hit herself with a racket...i thought Edward was just overdoing it with his overreactions a little too much.
I agree mostly with you.
I think sometimes edward can be a bit overbearing in protecting bella, but he would not do that if he did not care for, no, love bella with all of his heart.
I do think though that edward was a little hasty when he did not let bella visit jacob, i realized the danger was real, but nothing had happened to her before caused by jacob or the pack.
I think its edwards sense of knowledge, and aloofness, that makes him overprotective and not listen. He thinks he can protect her always, and that he knows best. and sometimes he does, but i think he could ease of a bit. But really, its so sweet how much he cares.
NO! Absolutely not, Bella is in love with a VAMPIRE. Danger oozes out the name itself. He protects her for her own good even if it means doing things he doesn't want to. It's all because he loves her immensly, and doesn't want to lose her.


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