The Twilight Saga

~~um i think i would to me i think its every girls dream to fall in love with someone like Edward hes perfect the one thing that every girl wants....Well at least thats what i want in a man/vampire. what do you thiink i really want to know????

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yeah ,, I agree 2 ,, when am going to meet my prince charming ,, am gonna give him all the books n the movies so he can be just like EDWARD - if there is someone like EDWARD - he can try though .

n I would deffenetly want 2 fall in love with a vamp ,, Edward change my look 2 all vampires .
oh i would love to fall in love with a vampire i just love him i would marry him and do anything to meet him . well i would fall in love with a vampire
how could you NOT fall in love with someone as Edward Cullen?? with someone that feels anxious to protect you... someone that will go through pain (thist in his case) just to be with you? who wants to be a better something (human/vapire) just for you? "Bella, you are my life now"... and that's how I did fell in love with him...


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