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If You Had Been Bella, Where Would You Have Wanted To Go To College With Edward? (Re-post)


At the start of the novel “Eclipse” Bella Swan has just received her acceptance to the University of Alaska South East. But she also knows that she could go to Dartmouth College, Peninsular Community College, or Arizona State University.

Hypothetical Question: No 1. If you “WERE BELLA,” and you HAD DECIDED to go to college with EDWARD. And Edward had said he is soooo delighted that he will be TOTALLY HAPPY with ANY college you choose! Which one of these four colleges would you choose? (And Why?)

Hypothetical Question: No 2. If you were Bella, and you had never met Edward, (AND YOU HAD WON A TUITION FREE SCHOLARSHIP) to all of these four colleges. Which of these four would you choose? (And Why?)

Below is some basic recruitment information, to help assist you in your decision.


Arizona State University.

Arizona State University, also known as “Twilight U,” because it literally “comes alive” at twilight. Being the warmest major city in America, there is no city that “comes alive” at night like Phoenix does. Even the University football games don’t start until twilight. The Ponderosa forests, is just a 20 minute jog (by vampire) north, has one of the world’s densest populations of mountain lions. And two Ski Resorts as well.
And after 17 years of AZ. property taxes and her grades, Bella would be eligible for the state’s “top 5%” of her class “TOTALLY FREE TUITION” program. Mexico’s warm water Puerto Penasco beach is just an hour’s jog south of campus.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, Hanover New Hampshire. An “Ivy League” College founded in 1786. It is located in New Hampshire’s beautiful North Valley Region.

The University of Alaska South East

The University of Alaska South East. Located in Juno Alaska, there is wonderful hunting, combined with some of the world’s most miserable weather. During the nine months of winter each weekend, you and Edward could either take your sled dog team on picknicks. Or visit your Denali relatives.

Peninsular Community College, Washington.

Peninsular Community College, Washington State. With beautiful Mount Rainer only minutes away. The tuition is VERY reasonable. And you could afford to go to college, and you still wouldn’t “Owe” Edward a penny. You and Edward could live on your own. And still see the Cullens and Charlie on weekends. Plus you would only be minutes away from your BFF “best friend forever” Jacob Black!

It is up to YOU now. WHAT‘S A GIRL TO DO?


Doc B

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Alaska would be where I would go with Edward, like Bella says not alot of people and plenty of wild life.
If no Edward and everything was paid Dartmouth. Its a wounderful place with lots of history and the country side is awsome.
I do LIKE the fact of not A LOT of people . . . call me selfish! (hahaha) ;)

Dear Debbie, Great Choice. Of course I hope Edward would go easy on the polar bears. Thanks for sharring with us, Doc
Good question :) But actually no IDEA :S :S Really, no clue at all. I like them all, though Phoenix the lessest because of the heat you describe. Against cold and so you can dress yourself, but if it's like 40°C (don't know what that is in Fahrenheit, but human temperature is described like 37°C so that's a measure point for you then) there, you can't keep undressing yourself till you're not hot anymore.. If you get my idea :)
Anyhow, I wouldn't know really. It might be Alaska if Edward came with me purely because then he'd be able to live free and careless and it's not like he can't run quickly over and back to his family ^^
Without Eddy I'd probably choose Dartmouth because I love history (and am currently studying history in college) so it'd be great to be in a place which breathes living history...
Dear Seni ,
Alaska would have the advantage that Edward could spend more time outside. Thank you for sharring, Doc

Dartmouth College
Dear WD,
It certainly is an excellent college. And Since Edward all ready owns a house there I think that that would be his choice and I think that Bella would enjoy living in the East. Thank you for sharing, Doc

Definitely Dartmouth hands down in both instances. Dartmouth offers a GREAT education obviously and would give Bella an opportunity to study at Edward's level. Location, Location, Location :) -- the location is phenomenon sun and shade in the mountains, all four seasons, and plenty of wildlife.
Dear Robin,
RB "Bella an opportunity to study at Edward's level." Doc WOW what a great observation. I think that Bella and Edward are very closely matched intellectualy. Edward (surprised) "You know the square root of Pi !" At his heart I think that Edward is an Oxford man. Bella might not be an Oxford girl but she could certainly keep up. Point well made. Thank you for sharing with nus, Doc

With Edward, Alaska. Even if Bella stayed human, Edward would still need a place where he could come out during the day and could enjoy abundant wildlife. If she decided to stay human, possibly she could have gone to Peninsular Community College first and gotten her required basics out of the way--that way she could save a few bucks on tuition and have more time with Charlie, and the weather already works for Edward--and then transferred to Alaska later.
Without Edward, I have a feeling that Bella would go to Arizona State. She could live in her mother's house, even if Renee weren't there. The tuition break would be helpful. And I think Bella would want to be in the sunshine (she wouldn't have ever really embraced the rain and clouds in Forks if not for Edward).

My personal choice (not as Bella, as ME) would be Alaska. I've always wanted to see it.

Dear Shannon, Great points. It would be nice if Bella got a chance to spend more time with Charlie. You are going to love Alaska. I first spent time in the Swiss alps and then went to Alaska. The Alaskan mountains were just stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Doc.
I would def want to go to get more of an education I would go where there wasnt going to be much sun because if Edward was indoors all the time Bella would be to she wouldnt be happy having a separate life from him so if I was her def Alaska!! :D


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