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   In Your Opinion, Who Were The Best Cullens?





Introduction: Stephanie Meyer (author of the "Twilight Saga") was telling an audience that she hadn't included "her personal" family in the "Twilight Saga." As she explained, her family wasn't any thing at all, like the Swans. Her family, she said, was "big" and full of these "wonderful unique characters." And then she said, it just hit me, out of the blue!! "I had described my family to a T. But my family wasn't the Swans, it had been "THE CULLENS" all along!!! And what a family she described. Each member having her or his own special gifts. And each family member, having her or his unique way of loving. But if you were to judge them, which ones do you feel were the very best? 






A "subjective question" is one that is decided purely on YOUR personal preference. In making the decision, it is only, who or what YOU like that matters. And is not related to any outside influences. Since this question is purely SUBJECTIVE the criteria (criteria: the test on which a judgment or decision is based) is entirely up to YOU!! 








     White Rose question of the day: List the names of the three "BEST" Cullens in order of your  personal preference. (At the START of the novel Breaking dawn) And explain why you feel that your first choice is the VERY best.


    Optional extra credit question: List the names of the three best Cullens at the END of the novel Breaking Dawn.




         As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion.




Sincerely, Doc B



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Hmmm well Edward because he is capable of compromising with Bella, for loving their child, Reneesmee, and forgive Jacob and "love" him like his own brother/son, loving Bella, and loving his family. He truly loves everyone because his personality is not of a vampire but like a true human. I mean.... he loved bella enough to let her go and let her make her choices between Jacob and Edward.
I liked Carlisle because he is one loving compassionate person who wanted to do good for the family and friends. He became a doctor even though he is a vampire.
I liked Esme because she is such a motherly type who loves everyone and mothers everyone (even the werewolves!).

I liked Alice because she is herself and doesn't try to be stiff in fear of losing control. I mean she hugged Bella and became her best friend.
I liked Emmett because he is such a GOOFBALL!! He loved a good fight but he also loved Bella as his own sister before she became a vampire.
I liked Jasper because he wanted to protect Bella and not lose control with himself. He knew that Edward loved her deeply and would never hurt Bella if it meant hurting Edward.
I liked Rosalie because she was honest with Bella as to why she didn't want to vote yes for Bella to become a vampire.

But I think Edward and Alice are my 2 best favorites of Cullens. :)
Dear Tonie,
You make excellent points. Edward truly turns into a beautiful man as the saga progresses. By the end he has become very compassionately powerful. He allows his beloved Nese to be given to his former enemy (Jacob) and he says "My brother, my son! Then he turns and says I'll take on the most ferocious Volturie soldier. (insuring his death, via Martyrdom) "It will be my gift (his life) to Alice. He turns into an amazing man.

Edward and Alice are great choices. Stephanie said: To me the Twi-characters are real people. Alice and Edward two wonderful friends.

the BEST at the Beginning are

1. Carlisle, because he acts completely unselfish, and with love
2. Esme, because of her ability to love and care for everyone and everything

and that's it, I LOVE all the characters but they all seem at times that they would jump ship a leave if there mates were in harms way....(at least at the beginning)

3 (no one else)

At the end of the Book

1.Carlisle same a before
2. Esme same as before
3. Alice- because she didn't abandon the family after all....
What a great list. Isn't Esme wonderful. She is pure love.
Esme on the question of voting if Bella should be allowed to join the group. Her response basicaly is how could I not accept the daughter I adore, into my family. What a character. Thanks for sharing, Doc

Dear Mina,
You did a great job of sharing. Alice isn't she wonderful. When she learns that Edward is at risk of dying, she never hesitates, she just goes. When Jacob calls her she says "don't worry," And then she hangs up and tells Bella that there is a good chance that they are both on their way to their deaths.

What a girl. And you just know she would have done the same thing for Bella or Charlie or any of the other Cullens. Thanks for sharing. Job well done, Doc

DR. Cullens for his respect for human life and instaling the morles into the rest.
Then Alice for her engery. and for treating Bella as one of them.
this one is hard, Emse for her love, Emmett, he is so full of life, Edward for the way he loves Bella and is always tring to do the right thing.
At the end it would be the same but I would at Nessie for she is someone who would being so many together. her gift of peace.
There is only one I really don't like that is Rose because she wants everything to be about her, I know she can't help it. I just don't care for beings like that.
Dear Debbie,
What a great list. Like you I have a feeling that Nese may end up bringing everyone together through her ability to exude love. Thanks for sharing, Doc
PS my mom's maiden name was Adams. When ever I see your name, I have to smile over so many people I have loved who have also had your name.

1. Alice Cullen for her free spirit and for looking the good side of things and for being very loving towards Bella's and Edwards union. 2.Carlisle for the love in humanity thathe demostrates constantly, and for keeping a cool head when everyone else is not. 3. Edward Cullen for being the most unselfish, honorable, and faithfull character. He's just like Carlisle very caring and is a person who's humble.
Dear Manuel,
Alice "And she is beautiful on the side" You are my type of guy. She is just beautiful. We guys get to enjoy seeing the beautiful female Twi-Characters. You say "Edward is just like Carlisle. I couldn't agree with you more. To me as the Saga progresses Edward just keeps changing more and more into a great guy like Carlisle. thank you for sharing, Doc

Dear Jaime,
What a great list you made. I am glad that you added Jasper. Because of his struggles with hemophilia (A love of human blood) it can be easy to over look for him. But he would have given his life for any member of his family, Bella included, in the drop of a hat. Even his vote to accept Bella into the family is sweet. To a person who doesn't know the Saga, the statement: "It would be nice not to want to kill you." Doesn't seem sweet but to us Twi-hard it is a statement that comes with a lot of love. Thanks for sharing, Doc

Well thats difficult vbecause Alice and Jasper is one of a kind but imma have to go with Reneseme...
Renesme, What an interesting choice. Like you I think that she may turn out to be the best Cullen of them all, Thanks for sharing, Doc


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