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   In Your Opinion, Who Were The Best Cullens?





Introduction: Stephanie Meyer (author of the "Twilight Saga") was telling an audience that she hadn't included "her personal" family in the "Twilight Saga." As she explained, her family wasn't any thing at all, like the Swans. Her family, she said, was "big" and full of these "wonderful unique characters." And then she said, it just hit me, out of the blue!! "I had described my family to a T. But my family wasn't the Swans, it had been "THE CULLENS" all along!!! And what a family she described. Each member having her or his own special gifts. And each family member, having her or his unique way of loving. But if you were to judge them, which ones do you feel were the very best? 






A "subjective question" is one that is decided purely on YOUR personal preference. In making the decision, it is only, who or what YOU like that matters. And is not related to any outside influences. Since this question is purely SUBJECTIVE the criteria (criteria: the test on which a judgment or decision is based) is entirely up to YOU!! 








     White Rose question of the day: List the names of the three "BEST" Cullens in order of your  personal preference. (At the START of the novel Breaking dawn) And explain why you feel that your first choice is the VERY best.


    Optional extra credit question: List the names of the three best Cullens at the END of the novel Breaking Dawn.




         As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion.




Sincerely, Doc B



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I like Carlisle and Esme, because They really love their children like their own,
Dear Ulfa,
What a great list. As Edward said "If Carlisle is the soul of our family, Esme is it's heart."
Thank you for sharing, Doc

Wow, this is tricky.
1- of course Edward, he's just perfect in every way.
2- Carlise. If it wasn't for him Edward wouldn't be who he is,
and 3- Alice. She's fun, caring and always does whatever she can to help her family.
All the rest have great qualities too, but I think those are my three. and at the end of Breaking Dawn, I think the same, so happy Alice came back.
Dear Cyndi,
A great list. Like you I love Alice. I am so glad she came back too. But after she had been willing to accept deatrh in an attempt to save her brother, I never would have expected any thing less from this wonderful girl. Thank you for sharing, Doc

Dear Nafsi, What a wonderful list. Stephanie really did create the perfect man in Edward.
And all of the other Cullens are such a joy. Thank you for sharing, Doc

Dear Georgia,
I think that you hit on the perfect example of Edward's greatness. The most wonderful moment in Edward's life was when Bella accepted his proposal of marriage and when she put his mother's wedding ring on.
His relationship to Bella was everything to him AND YET HE WAS WILLING TO LET JACOB MAKE LOVE WITH BELLA SO THAT SHE COULD HAVE A CHILD!! Wow!! What a guy.
Alice is another wonderful choice. She had to suffer so terribly when Edward's leaving meant she lost both her brother and her SISTER!! Alice (Midnight Sun" I AM GOING TO LOVE HER TOO EDWARD!!" Thank you for sharing. Beautifully written as always. What a delight we have Nafsi from Cyprus, and you from mainland Greece. It doesn't get much better.

Hi Doc,

The best Cullen is Carlisle Cullen.
And he sets the foundation,

I actually could go on and share more on how they all are.
Maybe later I will dive into the discussion more.

EX: Esme is Love. Hard to picture her hunting.
Edward can be tagged as the prodical son!
Jasper and Alice can be tagged as gentiles.

See where this can go?

I appreciate you [all]

Dear Christina, I think you make an excellent point. If it hadn't been for Carlisle's strength and compassion, none of the other Cullens could have existed. And as Edward said. If Carlisle is the soul of our family, Esme is out heart. Thank you for sharing, Doc
(Charlisle's choice of a nobel family crest was not with out reason) lol Rb

I wasn't sure if Bella (Who married Edward and became a Cullen in BD) or Renesme was included in this so I put them in parentheses, where I think they would go. (Renesme is only once b/c she wasn't born yet)

Start of BD
(Bella)- Risked her life for her child.
1. Carlisle- Kept Bella & the baby alive with his medical expertice
2. Esme- She's very nurturing and very supportive
3. Rosalie- She protected Bella & Nessie through the pregnancy.
4. Emmet- Didn't really do anything significant that I can recall.
5. Jasper- Didn't really do anything significant that I can recall.
6. Alice- She left.
7. Edward- What kind of Jerk face calls his Daddy for an abortion right after his wife tells him she's pregnant! The child's safety should always be put before the spouse's.

End of BD
(Renesme)- She's awesome and brought peace to Bella, Jacob, and Rosalie.
1. Alice- She came back and saved the day.
(Bella)- She protected every one, mentally at least.
2. Rosalie- She can teach Edward a thing or two about being a parent.
3. Carlisle- He's a very good man.
4. Esme- Helped with the baby.
5. Emmet- Didn't really do anything significant that I can recall.
6. Jasper- Didn't really do anything significant that I can recall.
7. Edward- Two words: Horrible Father
Dear KB,
What a great list. I sense that you have some negative feelings about Edward. Like you I was disapointed when Edward told Bella that he was going to have their "child" killed. I can't believe that Carlisle agreed with that. Our Hippocratic oath prevents us from doing that. For 2000 years a physician could only end an un-born babie's life, to save the mother's life. AND ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE MOTHER. So I think that Edward misrepresented Carlisle's opinion. From Carlisle's "possable abortion" to Edwards "kill the creature."
With the introduction of birth controll pills that standard was changed (physicians who didn't follow the Hippocratic rule prior to 1968, were put in prison for 5 years) Now 40 million un-born American babies have been murdered. So sad. Thank you for sharing, Doc

All the Cullens are great! And for SM to think of something like that as her family, I just have to say, wow, if I were to write a story, I wouldn't be that creative.

The best three Cullens at the begining of BD....
1. Edward
2. Alice
3. Rosalie
For obvious reasons, Edward is sweet and loving at the beginning,, and to top it off, he even invited his arch enemy (in relationship) to his wedding! Talking about great sacrifice. And I like the whole Bella's POV at first because their honeymoon period is where I get to read (and imagine) myself Edward's and Bella's days of newly weds, and I think he is nothing more but romantic, and he even tried to give her a normal human honeymoon to remember, though he might get a bit overboard. As for Alice, she always treats Bella as her sister, for example, during her wedding. Alice is the perfect maid of honour! I added Rosalie to this list because I think at least she tried to offer her help and support towards Bella although she hated her for choosing the wrong path. She was the one Bella turns too when she is in need, so I guess that make her sort of good too...

At the end of BD
1. Alice and Jasper (must be together, haha)
2. Edward and Bella
3. Carlisle
Without Alice and Jasper, I don't think breaking dawn would end so peacefully though, so this shows that how important Alice and Jasper and their 'discoveries' is to the fate of the Cullens, that's what made me love them even more. At first, Bella thought that they abandoned the rest of the Cullens in search of their own happiness and joy, after all they are not related to the Cullens through blood relation, and yet, they gone through so many things just to save them, their family, so it is a definite spot that both of them deserved. :)
Dear Natshane,
Just a wonderful list. I thought it nice that you also considered Rosalie. She tries to be there for Bella even though she had to endure such a terrible experience related to her wedding. Thank you for sharing, Doc


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