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. Discussion topic KST110509 By Doc B . Is Edward Cullen a Person?

Relevance: The debate on who or what constitutes a person, started with Socrates.(470-399 b.c.) In his day every prisoner captured in battle immediately was no longer considered a person. The Athenians referred to them not as human beings but as (mιλάμε εργαλεί ) Which means “talking tools” Socrates philosophy that it was impossible to be a free man without (What he called the essential ONE right) free speech. He was ordered to either change his opinion or commit suicide by drinking the poison hemlock. He said he had to drink it, so you would have free speach. .

Immanuel Kant: The father of modern philosophy (1724-1804) would say “Being human is not enough to make you a person….But you become a person by rationally serving your part as a member of a moral community.” (By Kant’s definition Dr. Hannibal Lector would not be a person) Edward Cullen quote "I`m not a human but I'm a man"

. Marry Anne Warren in her book Bioethics argues: There are many humans who lack intelligence, autonomy, and reason. And yet their lives are valued. While some animals posses all of those qualities and their lives aren’t.

. It was Professor Buttons : Who in his seminal work “Why are my kind still on the menu?” points out that had Helen Keller’s handy cap of being born deaf, dumb, and mute not been corrected, and if she and her Boston terrier’s IQs been tested his would have register higher. And Ms. Keller would also say that it was her Boston Terrier who helped teach her the concept of unconditional love. .

. .As Ann, the supreme leader of the V aliens, so magnanimously said: “We are all one and we are all the same.” She must have momentarily forgotten that her primary mission was to convert Earth into a giant feed lot for her kind. Is Edward Cullen a Person? . As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga." . Most sincerely, Doc B The "Rose Group" discusses a different question about the "Twilight" novels each day. If you would like to participate, all that you have to do is go to our home page" at the very bottom of the page the "The Blind Mice" Will take you to the topics currently under discussion. \

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Well, Edward is a person to me, in my twisession. I carry him in my mind and heart, the Edward from the books. He brought me happiness and anticipation. I relate to his obssesing thoughts. I think he's' "real" to alot of us.
I agree with you,
For example. I read both Julius Caesars commentaries, And Uncle Tom's cabin. Are Caesar and Tom both real. I very much think so. First with 6 billion people there are lots of people who are just like Edward. And second if Edward is only the psychic projection of the masculine part od Stephies psychic, he still is real. Even if he doesn't really live in a Forks. Yes Edward is real and we may both very well both meet him someday.
Thank you for sharing with us,
Doc B
Exactly right,
He is much more of a person than Hannibal Lector ever was. As Kant said the key is whether he shares in a moral society. Which he verry much does..
Thx Doc
I agree with you Sasha. I feel there is way too much species bigotry in our society. If we won't speak out for trans species rights who will,
Thank you for sharing your opinion,
two words, hell yes!
Right on lexiss, Doc
Dear Nafsi,
What a superb evaluation of the qualities that make all of us human human.
I have a feeling that there is a good chance that you have quite a bit of Greek philosopher in you. It wasn't a coincidence that Western Civilizations original great thinkers were all Greeks,

Thanks as always for sharing,
Your friend Doc.
Is Edward a person ?

For some times I sat on the medical ethics committee at Scottsdale Memorial hospital. One of the tasks we often had to do was decide, if someone had died even though his or her body lived on. So this actually is a topic I have put some thought into.

Edward more than fits the classic requirement for being a person. He is a good father, and husband. He is intelligent and is not anymore of a threat to his neighbors, than any one else.
But he is existing in a non human body.

In science we have patients living with artificial kidneys, and hearts. And it doesn't make them any less human so I would vote with the person group.

To me Edward is a person who is just living in a totally artificial body.

But that is why they are called opinions.

Your friend,
BRONZED BABY SHOES !! What a perfect analogy.
When Edward smiles delightfully at Bella in the square in Volteria and says "Carlisle was right! (He was thinking that since he was looking at his beloved Bella, and since he thought that he had died. The logical conclusion was that he was in heaven. Which brings up the question: Are Vampires really immortals or are they just mortals who's more durable synthetic bodies give them extended life spans?
Exactly Right !!!! And that is why Carlyle's theory about vampires immortality suddenly becomes both so correct and so important.
Carlyle tells Bella "I never once gave up in my belief in a universal goodness." Which is just his euphemism for saying I NEVER GAVE UP IN MY BELIEF IN, AND MY LOVE OF GOD!!
His (pharisees like) father was not a practitioner of love but of religious obedience.
Carlisle had all ready rejected his father's definition, for the fundamentalist concept that true faith was expressed by love and the ACCEPTANCE of GRACE. Carlisle says "I can even look in the mirror and be at peace."(I can't remember the exact words. But what he ha sto be saying is that :"I have accepted grace!"

And that is why Carlise is CONFIDENT that Edward (and eventually) Bella someday will be able to reunite with God because they are GOOD! And why he can accept changing Bella. He he hadn't he NEVER could have.

ps It was Alice who ripped Jame's head off after all no love lost there!

I agree with Tara

His body may have changed but his mind had not!

Doc spot on

Gem xx


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