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Discussion Premise:

You are being forced into a fight "to the death." And you are to be be pitted against an unknown number of human and supra human opponents. The one factor in your favor, is that you can choose any one (but only one) member of the Cullen family to be your partner in the fight.

Question no 1 Which member of the Cullen family would you choose ?

Question no 2. Why did you choose her or him?


1. Emmett: He loves to fight. "Irritable Grizzles are his favorite snack" Even as he thought about the death match with the Volturie, a smile crossed his lips.

2. Alice: The Cullen who floats like a butterfly, and stings like a bee" Her gift of fore knowledge can warn her of every move an opponent might make, before he can even consider even making it.

3. Jasper: An officer in the "Army of the Confederate States of America." He has been fighting, and defeating, humans and vampires for over 150 years.

4. Esme: She has all the gifts of any other vampire, and also she fights with a mother's protective nature. Every hunter knows that the "protective mother" is always the most dangerous animal in the woods.

5. Rosalie: Tough as nails. Seductive as a snake, and not adverse to using her beauty to destroy opponents. She is also almost totally devoid of compassion. Fights like the double edged sword.

6. Carlisle: Posesses the power of the oldest. And also is the wisest member of the family. He is the family's best negotiator. Known as the most compassionate vampire in history. But he is also a pragmatist. Example: As he looked James in the eye, he silently nodded to Emmett and Jasper to direct them to "Kill him. Kill him now".

7. Bella The living shield, that can bite like a rattle snake. "We have never seen anything like her in 3,000 years" Aero said, as Jane's smile faded."

8. Jacob Black: Carlisle has told the family "Renesme has chosen him, so he's a Cullen now." Has a reputation for dogging his opponents to death?

9. Renesme Cullen: Her ulltra rapid growth has given her the body of a 16 year old, and the mind of an adult. God alone, only knows the potential power she possesses.

10. Edward: The mind reader, and possibly the fastest creature on earth. And God help any force that would try and get in his way of returning to his Bella.

We sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic.

Most Sincerely,
Doc B
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AT THIS MOMENT IM THINKIN I MIGHT CHOOSE...EDWARD...umm nope BELLA...ahh y does it have to b 1..i want all of them on ma side
i would say that i would all of them on my said beacsue each one is unicen and would be a off set to me.
Jasper because he knows alot about it
yeah I'm going for Jasper aswell when I read the books I was a little afraid when I read everything he had done! Thanx for another amazing discussion!
Dear Twinerd

Thank you for your kind compliment.

My opinion, of course, is no more informed than any of our other debaters.
But I keep having this crazy thought in the back of my head that NESSE would be the one to choose.

The one thing I am certain of is that if Nesse and I walked out that door together, we would either win hands down or we'd both be dead in about four nano-seconds.

I think Jasper is an excellent decision. He certainly is the most experienced at fighting. Thank you doc B
Jasper, probably, but i'm also leaning toward Rosalie, she is ruthless.
I would pick Edward Bella and Alice. B cuz Bella could Protect the powers the opponets will use with her sheild. Edward is a very strong fighter and he could hear what the opponet might use. And Alice could she the moves the opponet is planning to use. But if I had to choose one it would be jasper
hmmm well i would like all the cullens on my side but if i had to pick one i would pick jasper,edward or bella. it would also depend if the vampire i was fighting had any powers if they had something like jane then i would pick bella bcuz even if u had the strongest fighter they wouldnt b able to fight so yer.
I wan't them all on my side, but if i have to choose one i would choose Edward, because he knows every move of the other human..or not human ;D
idk its hard to choose
I REALLY want all of them but if I can only pick 1 I would pick Jasper. Here's my top 3.



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