The Twilight Saga

Isle Esme And "The Eyes Of Love"

Introduction: Studying each "Twilight Saga" chapter carries it's own delights. It's like opening a Fabrege' Egg.*  When an interviewer asked Stephanie Meyers if there was a "consistent theme that runs through the "Twilight Saga?" She replied "Yes, it is love. I have always been fascinated by love, and how love impacts on the people it touches. The Saga is a story about how the love of one girl (Bella Swan) impacts impacts on the lives of those she comes in contact with. Stephanie continued, "Twilight" is a look at life through the "Eyes Of Love." (PP)  Doc B  "To me "The Twilight Saga" is a "Pilgrims Progress"* for the twenty first century."  

Question number, 1, This question is an open discussion of "All Thing Isle Esme." Share with us anything you would like about the chapter. Anything from the chapter that particularly moved, informed, or entertained you.
Question number 2, This is an elective question: If "Twilight" is a study of Bella's love. How was her repeated requests of Edward to make love with her, an act of love?
Question number 3, What are the implications of Bella's discussion with "my little thumper" the yet unborn Nese?  Bella to Nese, Quote ( I know! (that you like it here and don't want to leave yet; unsaid but implied) I don't want to go yet either."
Question Number 4, Introduction: Carlisle correctly predicted that Bella's trying to carry Edward's "offspring' would kill her. But he was incorrect in his presumption that their "child" would either die, or be born an "immortal child," who would indirectly cause the deaths of EVERY member of the Cullen family, as they attempted to protect it from the Volturie. Question: Was Carlisle and Edward's decision "We are going to get that "thing" out of you, morally correct ?  
Question number  5. Is Edward's desire to keep Bella selfish on his part? (Because he selfishly enjoys her humanity. "All humans have a degree of selfishness) or Altruistic (Driven by his desire to have Bella enjoy as much of life as possable? OR BOTH?
Question number 6. If Carlise knew that Edward might kill Bella when they made love, why didn't he stop them ? 

 Doc B

*Faberge' Eggs:
** Pilgrims Progress:

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1.everything about breaking dawn entertained me..i want ot know where was the island that inspired Ms. Stephanie regarding isle esme..and of course thats the place where edward and bella first did the thing and also the place where bella found out that she's pregnant with reneesme.the first time that edward got really shock(who could forget this)
im curious about the woman who cleans the house..did she really found out that edward is a vampire or she just have an idea but it was not confirmed?
2.well i think it could be an act of love..asking edward to make love with her could be a sign that she is really ready to have edward as part of his life..its just like you cannot say "hey lets make love" to anyone unless you really love the person and you are really willing to give yourself to him..
love is a different thing..its precious..and making love is an act being done with the one you love..

Dear Mary Joice,
MJ, Does anyone know what the name and location of the actual Island that inspired Stephanie to create Isle Esme ?
Doc, That is a good question. I have no idea but I will put it with the counterpoint questions to see if any one else knows.
MJ, cleans the house..did she really found out that Edward is a vampire ? It was my feeling that she did. As you know she accused Edward in the native indian dialect. And he responded positively in an "agonized voice" And then the cleaning lady told Bella "morte" (Spanish for "death") and of course later in "Breaking Dawn" Alice returns to locate the children of the succubus that had impregnated the native girls.
MJ "making love is an act being done with the one you love" Doc, "An excellent point" There has been a tradition for centuries (And is a part of American Juris Prudence (common law) that a marriage is not valid until it has been consummates (until the couple has made love together) And if the act is not performed the bride or groom can have the marriage annulled on the grounds that it never existed. Thank you for sharing with us , Doc

Dear Nikki
N " how did Stephenie come across to use Isle Esme." Doc That's a great question. It was similar to another question asked. I actually don't know. Maybe another discussant will know.
N." (Her asking Edward to make love with her) shows she would go to extremes for love. Doc WOW What a great answer. You are exactly right. Bella knew the danger of making love with Edward was that he would unintentional kill her. But you have a excellent answer: After the wedding she said "I delighted in knowing that "HE" is mine forever now" In a similar way I think that she wanted to be his wife in EVERY way. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

i love a lot the isle Esme scene because it's very cool and romantic.
i think bella love edward so hard and when she ask many times to have sex with him i think it's love because she wants to feel him like he is.

Dear Renata,
You make an excellent point. As Stephanie said Bella she wants to completely be Edward's wife when she is human, as well as she will when she is a vampire. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Hi Doc,

Question number, 1: This question is an open discussion of "All Thing Isle Esme." Share with us anything you would like about the chapter. Anything from the chapter that particularly moved, informed, or entertained you.

Question number 2: This is an elective question: If "Twilight" is a study of Bella's love. How was her repeated requests of Edward to make love with her, an act of love?

1.- I loved this part of the book. I loved how she felt insecure about what she was about to do when she left the bathroom. How she walked into the water knowing her life would be changed forever. I actually laughed out loud when Bella asked Edward "Why am I covered in feathers?" and he replied "I bit a pillow. Or two." I adored how Edward tried to distract her with different outings on the Island and how she saw right thru it.

2.- It was a act of love because Bella felt completely connected to Edward. She had said herself that in those moments she couldn't get close enough and be held tight enough. All she felt was complete love for her man. She never wanted it to end. Edward finally felt that way too once he gave in to her, or should I say was seduced by her. She repeatedly asked to be made love too because she knew that Edward would feel the same as she did. If he allowed it. She loved him with every fiber of her being. She was drawn to Edward like he was her air to breathe. On a more comical note, in Bella's defense she was a very horny vampire-to-be. She just couldn't get enough of Edward.

Hope this helps Doc.
As always these are only my feelings looking forward to everybody elses.

Dear Fran,
FR: "I loved how she felt insecure " Doc: I did to. Especial the way that she said she had stage fright on her way to the Island. I can certainly understand how she would be apprehensive. She has never made love with a man or even been undressed around one. Edward of course sees her as being dazzlingly beautiful.ED Q: "Rosalie can't hold a candle to you." Even though Bella never believed it.
FR" Why am I covered in feathers" Doc it has to be one of the very most delightful moments in the saga. Just wonderful.
Fr: tried to distract her " Doc That was great and wasn't It fun when she mimics his voice and says "What can we do to exhaust Bella today!"
Fr "made love too because she knew that Edward would feel the same as she did." Doc I agree. Just as Alice knew that Bella's wedding would soon be so precious to her even though she fought her not to have one."
Fr " she was a very horny vampire-to-be" Doc right. We often forget that we need to do acts of love for OURSELVES!!
Bella WANTED her husband the way every normal bride should. To me it was an act of love on her part for her Edward and for herself. (If you can't love yourself you can't fully love anyone else.Thank you for sharing, Doc

Stephanie did an outstanding job at describing isle esme. I could picture everything perfectly. It all sounded so beautiful, romantic, breathtaking and peaceful. I hope when breaking dawn comes out they make isle esme just like stephanie described it, I cant imagine them coming up with something better. I wish I could escape to isle esme now, edward and all :) I loved the part where bella wakes up from her dream hysterical crying her eyes out and ends up seducing edward and he finally gives in ;) that was too funny.

Dear Maria,
Beautifully said. It still drives me crazy that the movie producers decided not to have the meadow scene the way Stephie described it. Just a word of advice. If you did end up going with Edward to "Isle Esme" I would recomend that when you register at the department stores for your wedding, that you write "PILLOWS ONLY PLEASE!! Better safe than sorry, Thank you for sharring with us, Doc

1) I love Isle Esme! I think that Bella shows every emotion that everyone feels in that "first" moment that they share with someone! I think that Bella is nervous when she firsts wakes up! Not for the wedding, but what comes after, the honeymoon! They have came so close sooo many times! She knows, well hopes that she's going to be able to make it happen! I love the ride to Isle Esme, the unknown! She has no idea where she is going, what is going to happen... but she trusts him! And he is just as, if not more nervous! When they first get there... He has kept it hot and stuffy in there, to make her more comfortable! And he is fluttery, decides to give her a "human moment."!

How was her repeated requests of Edward to make love with her, an act of love?

I'm going to tie in the first question with the second, because my favorite parts of Isle Esme follow!

I think that Bella wants this, because she wants all of Edward. The temptation, the want, the tension between them, you could cut it with a knife! I think that she would feel that he was completely hers, because he is just as wholesome as she is!
I love when they first gets there, she goes in the bathroom, takes a shower, shaves her legs, she tries to get ready and it finally hits her, what is, it is... about to happen!

"I sat down on the cool tile floor in my big towel and put my head between my knees.

How did people do this-swallow all their fears and trust someone else so implicitly with every imperfection and fear they had- with less than the absolute commitment Edward had given me? If it weren't Edward out there, if I didn't know in every cell of my body that he loved me as much as I loved him-unconditionally and irrevocably and, to be honest, irrationally-I'd never be able to get up off this floor."

"But iT was Edward out there
This goes back to the body image thing!

This here sums it all up, and answers question #2, for me!

You listen to me, Edward Cullen. I am not pretending anything for your sake, okay? I didn't even know there was a reason to make you feel better until you started being all miserable. I've never been so happy in all my life- I wasn't this happy when you decided that you loved me more than you wanted to kill me, or the first morning I woke up, AND YOU WERE WAITING FOR ME... Not when I heard your voice in the ballet sudio,or when you said 'I do' and I realized that, somehow, I get to keep you forever Those are the happiest memories I have, and this is better than any of it. So just deal with it."

"I'm making you unhappy now. I don't want to do that."

"Then don't you be unhappy. That's the only thing wrong here."

Dear Ally,
Ally," hopes that she's going to be able to make it happen! Doc" What a great point. No wonder she feels such stage fright. Not only does she want her husband to make love with her. SHE wants to satisfy her brand new husband. And she has never done that or received that from any man in her life before. She has body image problems. And she has to go on stage "naked" in front of a man for the first time in her life. But she loves him so much. And Alice gave her a wonderful gift. Bella" When we said "I do!" this amazing feeling flowed through me, And I knew that Edward was MINE for the rest of eternity." (pp) Bella's wedding was so important for her in so many ways.
Ally, And he is just as, if not more nervous! Doc another insightful observation. Edward had been "frozen" for 80 years. This small delicate girl's love has brought him back to life after 80 years. "But he is just as naive about "making love" as she is MAYBE MUCH MORE. Bella must have learned quite a bit about sex, from her mom after the string of men her mom has run through their lives over the last 16 years. Edward even had to ask his brothers about "love making" before they left on their honey moon. And part of love making is loosing control. Edward "If I loose control with you for just a moment, I could kill you." As calm as he appears he is just (maybe more) nervous than she is. He wants so much to satisfy his beloved Bella. He has physically desired her so much for so long. And he has to "do this" while worrying that in a fraction of a second he may accidentally kill his Bella, who he loves more than his heart and soul.
Ally, I think that she would feel that he was completely hers," Doc" "SOO true. After the wedding Bella knew that they would "be together forever" BUT could he and she be physical lovers forever as well. ("Flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone")
Ally, If it weren't Edward out there, if I didn't know in every cell of my body that he loved me as much as I loved him-unconditionally and irrevocably and, to be honest, irrationally-I'd never be able to get up off this floor." Doc "Stephie Meyers" The modern grand master of quotes. Perfectly describes Bella's feelings.
Ally "But IT was Edward out there This goes back to the body image thing!" Doc RIGHT. An interesting note. Bella was so afraid of having Edward see her imperfect naked body. But on the next morning she wakes, up covered in feathers when she walks into the bathroom, as she does she sees her bruised naked body in the mirror. BUT what she doesn't notice is that she has been totally naked in front of Edward all this time. And the reason is that now (because of her insistence on having Edward make love with her) she IS Edward's in every way. And a magical transformation has occurred. She still may feel moments of
shyness (Bella Q: "What are those black strings?" Edward "They were your negligee." Bella, "Too bad I liked that one") but her honeymoon has transformed both her AND EDWARD!! (not unlike her future transformations to mother and vampire will change her forever) And that all occured because of her insistence on making love, she and Edward BOTH are now "flesh of one flesh and bone of one bone, and will be forever!
Ally," Those are the happiest memories I have, and this is better than any of it. So just deal with it."
Doc."Right! These are the words of a different Bella than the one who timidly stood next to her beloved Edward in the water the night before is gone. She loves her Edward even more this morning, but she is a different woman, than the girl who timidly stood bext to her Edwartd the night before. She is Edward's WIFE. And it was her insistence on making love that changed and blessed both of them. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

I love everything about Breaking Dawn. Isle Esme is one of, if not the most, important setting in the book. It is were Edward and Bella get to physically express their love for one another. Edward's fear of hurting Bella is a big obstacle to over come, but they do. It is also where Bella realizes that she is pregnant. In Edward's never ending quest to keep Bella safe and alive he knows that the "thing" has to be killed. Bella saw it for what it is. Part of her and Edward. She can't not love it. It is apart of Edward and she loves him so of course she is going to love anything that has to do with him.

As for Bella's constant request for Edward to make love to her. Yes it was all about love. When you truly love someone, it is only natural to want to show that love in every way. Stephanie said in an interview once that the Twilight Saga was about love not lust. There is a big difference. Lust is all about hormones. Edward and Bella committed them selves to each other in the most public show of love. When you are married to someone it is only right that you should be able to express that love in the truest sense. She knew that if he could get over his fear of hurting her that they could truly be together.


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