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Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? Of Jacob to accept it? (Re-post)

Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? Of Jacob to accept it?  (Re-post)

Introduction: I have posted over 240 discussions of different types. 90% percent of our current discussants missed out on many of our most delightful debates. There for: I have selected a few discussions, that I thought our more recent members might enjoy.  If you have already sharred in this discussion feel free to ignore. Personaly I have gotten to know the participants so much better over the years that the discussion will be new to me as well.

Sincerely, Doc B  (Yes, Laura: This discussion is just for you)

Question no. 1: Do you think that Edward made the correct decision when he invited Jacob, to attend his and Bella's wedding ? And why ?
Question no. 2: Having watched Jacob experience the joy, the love, the pain, and the anguish of a broken heart, would you have advised Jacob to attend Bella's wedding.
Question no 3 : If the tables had been turned and Jacob had invited Edward to his and Bella's wedding, do you think that he would have gone ? 
Question 4  Do you think that Bella didn't say that she wanted Jacob to be invited to her wedding, more to spare Edward or Jacob feelings ?

Saga relevance: Jacob was stunned when he opened the invitation to Bella Swan's wedding, and discovered that it was from Edward Cullen! (The thought: "Will there never be AN END to this pain." must have gone through his mind) The "man" that had defeated him, in his desperate fight for Bella's love, was now inviting him to watch the two of them marry. In his mind their wedding also guaranteed the death of the woman he still so desperatley loved. (The woman who had brought him both the greatest joy, and the most bitter pain of his entire life.)
On the other hand Edward had appreciated Jacob's help. But he also knew the invitation would be painful for Jacob to rieieve. And that it might turn his and Bella's wedding "quite literaly" into a blood bath.

Alice had planned a beautiful wedding for Bella at the Cullen's estate. And she had one of the fastest rising stars in the fashion world create a spectacular dress for Bella. She had instructed the designer to use Edward's mother's antique wedding ring as an inspiration.
And Alice had even personally designed the lace for Bella's dress.
But had she been able to read werewolfs' futures as easily as she did vampires, she would have foreseen Jacob, shimmering as he prepared to shift into a werewolf, to kill her brother at the wedding.

There were certainly pros and cons that both Edward and Jacob had to weigh, before they made their decisions. How would you have advised them ?

Most sincerely, your friend,
Doc B,

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well speaking from somewhat experience, although mine was alittle differant. I was invited to an ex of mines wedding about a year ago. I had a good relationship with him and we parted on good terms. However being invited to see him so flauntingly happy with someone else was a little hard to see. So I can understand Jacob's pain and I like Jacob also went to the wedding.

Do I think it was wrong of Edward to invite Jacob? yes and no. Yes because if the tables had turned would Edward have wanted to see the woman he loved happy not with him? No because at some point you have to put aside your feelings and understand that the person you love is happy, and if you truly love them thats all that matters.

I think Jacob needed to figure out his feelings more on how seeing it really happen would make him feel, before he went to the wedding.

Dera Emily,
It must have been so tough to see someone you cared for getting married. It has always been my opinion that if you really love love someone, you will always love them to a certain degree. So even though you and your friend had "spereated" I am certain it was still somewhat sad to watch him marry someone else.
Great point about Edward being invited. It would have killed him to have gone to Jacob and Bella's wedding. I wonder if he would have gone? (You raise an interesting point.
Emily, "I think Jacob needed to figure out his feelings more ." Doc I agree with you. When I first read this passage. I really thought that Edward was doing it out of courtesy and that Jacob would not attend.
But it is fascinating watching Edward and Jacob's relationship mature as the Saga progresses. Thank you for sharing, Doc. Ps If Edward had been invited to Jacob and Bella's wedding do you think that HE would have gone.

I think it doesn't matter if Edward invites Jacob,it was he thought Jacob was Bella's friend,so by inviting him it make Bella happy.

And Jacob should have come to their wedding,because he must know is not always what we want we can get and doesn't mean he loses. And a real man will do anything to the women he loves

Dear Ufla,
Great point! I think that Edward invited Jacob a little bit for Jacob, but 95% for Bella. "A real man will do anything for the woman he loves. Doc "What a great point.! Thank you for sharing your great points, Doc. PS How do you think that Bella would have felt a year later if Jacob hadn't come but Edward let her know that he was invited?

If I were Edward, I would definitely do the same. I know Edward's intention of inviting Jacob to his wedding is not to cause him anymore pain and suffering, but just plainly because he respected him and didn't want him to be left out. And furthermore, he treated him as a family, one of his own and also as Bella's best friend. And for Bella's sake, that he knew she wanted Jacob to personally attend her wedding, although she didn't voice it out, therefore nudged him even further to his decision. So, I wouldn't say inviting Jacob would be a bad idea.

As for deciding on whether or not to attend the wedding is all up to Jacob. And I could say he did the right choice. So don't look at the pain for one second, or the torments he had to go through, this might be the last chance for him to meet his beloved Bella, knowing that if she is turned into a vampire, she would be his enemy, forever, and that couldn't be undone. To lose the last chance just because of the temporary rage and anger, I'll say that is a stupid thing to do. So Jacob definitely did the right thing:)

If I were to give advice to them, I would call them, Edward and Jacob to do what your instincts tell you to....

Dear Natshane
Nat, "because he respected him and didn't want him to be left out. " Doc WOW what a great point.Edward's sincere affection for Jacob increases so much during the Saga. At the end Edward even says, "Good bye my Brother my son. As he passes his beloved Nese over to his former mortal enemy Jacob. And turns to accept his death. .
Nat, "he knew she wanted Jacob to personally attend her wedding, Doc another great point. Edward knew Bella really wanted him there.
Nat, the last chance for him to meet his beloved Bella, Doc another great point. He felt that Bella was dying. (be turned) and so in a way it was almost like a death bed visit, to a loved one. Thanks for sharing you excellent points in our discussion, Doc PS Do you think that Bella didn't say that she wanted Jacob to be invited more to spare Edward or Jacob?

Thanks for the comment:)
Thanks Natasha, That's exactly my views too. Selflessness, compassion, and most importantly supporting your best friend no matter how much you suffer you do the right thing to make your loved one happy. That's what Edward does because he understands the sacrifies, both bella and Jacob have made for him and vice versa. If i'm not mistaken i think this is what Stephenie tries to show us in the book. Sometimes it seems to me that she has experienced close hands these emotions to be able to spell bound and grip her readers with such ferocious stings.
I agree with all the reply's so far....I'm glad that Edward's heart is big enough to feel able to invite Jacob and though Jacob is suffering emotionally he had the grace to go...good on both of them!
Thank you for sharring your excellent point, Doc PS: If the tables had been turned, do you think that Edward would have attended Jacob and Bella's wedding ?

Yes he would have, in his note to Jake he said if it was the other way around he would like the choice himself. If the wedding was on the reservation they would of let him attend.Because when Jake was hurt the Doc took care of him and Edward was there. Edward told Jake if she pick him that he would always be waiting (for Jake to imprint) so he could pick up and take care of Bella.
Would Edward have come to the wedding if the tables had been turned? Good point.

Do you think that had Bella and Jacob wed, the wedding would have been on the reservation since there is so much tradition steeped in American Indian weddings? If so, Edward would not have been invited for that reason alone . . . or maybe he would have?? They seem to be pretty flexible with the treaty.

Edward was able to put jealousies aside because of not only his love for Bella but because of his maturity. Jacob was younger than Bella to begin with. Men mature slower than women (no offense intended to anyone). And yes, he was more hot-headed where Edward is more rational.


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