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Just What Was It, About  Bella? OR "The Blood, Body, Personality Discussion?"
Introduction: As she lay in his arms, Bella asked, "My body or my blood? Which do you desire more?"
"I desire each equally!" Edward replied.
After vicariously experiencing the overwhelming attraction of Bella's blood, Aro asked "How do you do it ?!" 
"It is not without difficulty," Edward replied.
But on "confirming" that Bella had died, Edward didn't crush his phone and proceed to his death, because of a diminution of either his blood or sexual lust. He went to his death because the woman he loved "no longer existed."
White Rose Discussion Topic: What was it about Bella's personality that Edward adored so? What was it about her that made it impossible for him to even consider living in a world where she did not exist?

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I think it was just love at 1st site I mean in Twilight Edward says u dnt no hw long I've been waiting 4 u! So maybe alice told him tht his true love wuld b comin and when he met her he just knew it was her plus I just think u cn rele tell tht they truely love each othr and tht its nt just pretend bcuz they wuld both die 4 each othr I'm srry bt if I wasn't n love with u there's no way I'm gunna kill myself 4 u! Also u cn kind of feel the intensity between them their just in love and no1 cn stop tht :)
You make an excellent point. I think that, the fact that, Edward loved her was the key.
Isn't it interesting how men and women tend to fall into the first stages of love so quickly. Edward had seen thousands of women during the last nintey years but Bella seemed to stop him dead in his tracks.
A very beatiful question Doc! Before answering I take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!! Well, I think that what pushed Edward to kill himself was his great love for New Moon, at the end, he says that he lost all his points of reference, all the stars in his sky darkened because a new brighter star came in his sky(it was something similar). This is the enthusiasm and the derangement of love, I don't think it's so right, because if you fall in love you shouldn't forget the love you feel for other people(parents,relatives,friends) and the love other people feel for you...but sometimes love is just too overwhelming, and we cannot do anything about it...Anyway I have to add that Edward was also rational in falling in love with Bella..he notice how intelligent and witty she was, how interesting and at the same time simple she was. Moreover she was just like him: she never experienced love before and had much love to give. She needed a person who would fill her life and he the same. I hope I expressed myself in an understandable way!! Bye bye :-D

What Edward loves of Bella personality for one thing is that her attitude she never changes her mind once is made, her clumsiness, awerness of everything and everyone, her warm heart towards others, and the fact that if she needs to say something she comes out and says it. He sees that she is and old soul ( like her mother said) for the reason that she takes more responsability than her peers would ever do at her age. Also I think he also likes the fact that she surprises him all the time especially because he can't read her mind, and her beauty also is another thing that he loves. So what i'm saying is it's not just her blood or body that he loves,is her completely Bella Swan not just aroma and lust. He loves eveything about her so much that in his mind she's woth living and the wait.

Dear Manuel,
Great points, as usual, your observation that Bella is aware of "everything" going on around her is excellent. It was Bella's insight and awareness that alerted her to Edward's 'uniqueness." And her gift allowed her to keep up with her lovable telepathy. "Her warm heart" I might be wrong, but to me that is her most powerful draw for Edward. When you think of yourself as a monster, unless you have a big hearted partner, you have a big problem. And I agree the fact that she was "born as an old soul" was critical as well. Emmett is a lovable guy but he will never be as mature as his new "little sister."
I think Edward loved her mind.  1) because it was closed to him and 2) because he liked the way she thought.  It was her mind being closed that brought her to his attention, but it was HER that kept him there.


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