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Kristen Stewart, "We are all committed to "Breaking Dawn." The question is should it be shoot as one or two movies?


After receiving her BAFTA (British Award For Theater Arts, category rising young actress: Something like their Oscars) Kristen Stewart was asked about "Breaking Dawn." She said "WE (Taylor, Robert, and I) are all on board to make the movie. The question the studio is wrestling with is: Should the book be made into one or two movies?

Discussion question: If you were the head of Summit would you shoot "Breaking Dawn as one or two movies.
Follow up question: If you HAD to divide the story into two movies. Where would you end the first movie? And where would you start the second?

Doc B


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Dear Gena,
That would be an interesting and strong point to end the first movie. Did you like the way they Ended the first movie with Edward saying, "Will you marry me?
Thank you for sharing with us Doc

Definitely two movies . . . so much story to be told. Cannot make this book into one story. JMO
Dear Robin,
I agree with you. I think that two movies would be best. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

I think that I should be 2 movies
Dear Baby J, I agree with you. Stephie's editor says "She never uses a sentance when a paragraph can do. Lucky for us. Thank you for sharing, Doc

I agree... the first movie where she is still human, then the second movie when se is a vampire.
they shud make two
2 movies most definitely... so much detail and for them to make a seven hundred and something page book into a 2 hour movie will mean they left out a lot but if they make it into 2 movies then we know we getting (or should be getting) the book's worth of a story... nothing much should be left out :)
Dear Mz T,
Great points. The best of the 12 Pride and Prejustice movie reproductions ever done was the BBCs "4 movie reproduction with Colin Firth. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc
Which is EXACTLY why Midnight Sun should be done!!

I say two movies and end the first one at the end of book 2 of Jacob Black. Start the secend on at Bella's new born life.
I have to agree with you Debbie. They should end it when Jacob realizes that he has just imprinted on Renesme. And start the second movie as Bella wakes up in her new form.
Thanks' I beleive leaving it there the ones who have not readed the book will have to read it to find out the rest


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