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I will post a chapter or two and we will comment them every week. We have a lot of wait until BD so I think its a good idea. What do you think?

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it is a great idea i do not have any time to read the books of twilight anymore reading them while i work is a great idea thank you so much

1. First Sight page 4


"Bella", my mom said to me-the last of a thousand times- before I got on the plane. "You don't have to do this"



"I want to go" I lied.........


This is a part of the first chapter of twilight, before Bella arrives to Forks. So this is my question:


"Since Rene and Bella know each other so well why you think she ever agreed with her daughter's decision to move to Forks?She knew her distaste for Forks....Was her need to be with her husband overpowered her need to see her daughter happy or it Bella a better liar that she is be given for??"


Looking forward for your answers


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