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hey have any of u guys read the twilight book in edwards point of view called midnight sun?? i just wanted to know and r there other books like new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn in edwards point of view?? i just want to know so tell me if u read the book midnight sun and if u know if theres other books!! thaks a bunch!


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i think 1 is coming out.... idk when
on an interview she said she might not publish it but wants to! she said it might take her 2-3 years before she publishes it!!
i know im reading it and i love it but i wish she would continue to write more i maen the twilight books are just so adictive like you put it down and it saddens me that she isnt doing more :(
your totally right! they r realy adictive and u cant put it down!!!
ive read some of it and it was so good a friend of mine says tat part of it is edwards point of veiw and then it tells how Renesmee grew up but im not quite sure but we will see and i also saw a video where rob kristen and stepanie answer questions and staphanie says she isnt going to bring out midnight sun until next year.
is she gonna finish it?
some people say that she is some say that she isnt
I have not read it yet. But i do plan to read it soon (: (yn)
I have started to read it, but haven't currently finished it. I just know that as soon as i've read all 13 chapters i'll want more and there is no more until Stephanie decides to start writing it again....IF she decides to.

From what I read of it I thought it was awesome!
i agree midnight sun was great i so wanna finish reading the rest of it hope syhe finishes it still i was so caught up in it!!!!!!!
does anyone know if she is gonna finishit or not?
as far as i know she isn't planning on finishing midnight sun due to the illegal leak of the book on the internet so i highly doubt that there are other books in his perspective sadly


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