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hey have any of u guys read the twilight book in edwards point of view called midnight sun?? i just wanted to know and r there other books like new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn in edwards point of view?? i just want to know so tell me if u read the book midnight sun and if u know if theres other books!! thaks a bunch!


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I read the partial draft of midnight sun. It was unbelievable. But Stephenie is not writing anymore because it was leaked out over the internet by someone. I wish she would write them though, since it was released, she just put the partial draft on her website Its thirteen chapters, and you can just download it from the website. But im warning you you'll wish there was so much more to read.
I agree, it was a HUGE dissapointment when I finished reading what was written. I think Midnight Sun is better than Twilight. If she did finish it then it would end up being much longer than Twilight because there is so much more detail to Edward's perspective, I also don't think you can understand why Edward leaves in New Moon until after you read Midnight Sun. Everyone is so quick to be angry at him.
I was really angry when I finished the partial draft! Edward's perspective is soooo much better than Bella's. (And I really didn't think that was possible until I read it)
I read the "online chapter" of Midnight sun, and I feel great to know the viewpoint of Edward, I hope Stephenie write more about it.
Well, Stephanie said she most likely will not finish writing it her exact words were, "But when a story demands to be written, there's no way to resist. And the more I wrote, the more I became convinced that Edward deserved to have his story told. At first I was planning to post it all here on my website, but I changed my mind for two reasons, the most important being that Edward's version is much longer than Bella's—Edward over-thinks everything. I'm not even half way done, and the page count is near three hundred. The second reason that I changed my mind is a little bit silly—I just would really love to have a pretty, matching, bound version of Midnight Sun to put beside Twilight on top of my desk. So I'm going to try to have it published as a complementary novel to Twilight. It will take a while, because I can only work on it between editing stints, but I hope that someday I'll be able to see Midnight Sun on the bookstore shelves next to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and etc... (Fueling my belief that Midnight Sun is worthy of publishing is my mother's about face—after reading the first eleven chapters, she thinks it's magic and says I should go for it.)."
-Shaena Masen
If it's in Edward's view. My hands are gonna get bruises from carrying those book. ESPECIALLY BREAKING DAWN IN EDWARD'S VIEW. He thinks alot. So the books in his point of view. Are gonna be SOOOO much thicker.
she might not keep writing but lets hope she dose!
thanks guys that really helped i hope that she will keep writing more!! and i cant wait to read midnight sun!!
i have not read i all but from the summer it sound so good i would like to bey when it comes out. but what happends to there baby?
you can go online to Stephenie's web page and read the partial draft she is unbelievable!!!!! if you thought you knew Twilight when you get a ahold of that it will get a whole new perspective :D
thanks again!! lets hope se keeps writing and then poblishes it!!
i hate the person who leaked the draft because she may not finish it now which really sucks. but im read the draft anyway on


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