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tell me in the twilight movie if you know who said this. "you are strong enough but i'm strong enough to kill you"

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It is James and Edward in the fight scene and it goes:
James- "You're faster than the others, but not stronger."
Edward- "I'm strong enough to kill you."
k no it was not it was what edward said to bella
wwoww!!!! NO!
I know I only saw the movie like four times but I'm absolutely positive that Edward said that to James in the fight scene at the ballet studio!!!!!!!
Yesss they did say that. And James said so smugly too, then he got his butt kicked! xpppp
edward of course
Edward said that to James in the fight scene after James tried to kill Bella and Edward feared that James would kill Bella.
Is this going to be a game, or did you only want the answer to that one question?
If it's a game, my quote is "Bring on the shackles-I'm your prisoner."
Edward! hahaha i remember that part :D
Edward said this.
James says u r here 1st because you are faster than the others but not stronger....
Edward says I am strong enough to kill you
Edward said that to James in the ballet studio.


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