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 I don't have anyone to talk to about twilight saga. None of my friends like the books or the movies, no relatives either. They think because I am 30 I shouldn't be reading vampire books and I haven't heard from my twi friends in years because of time difference.

Does anyone feels exactly like me?? I want someone to talk to!!! 

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well welcome to the club then none of my family members like twilight my younger sister loves the movies but not the books and my parents are worried because twilight is mainly a love story and 21 in egypt is still young to look for love my twi friends are very few and most of my friends who love reading as mush as i do have not read the books yet it it very frustrating i really hope that you find some comfort here
thank you!!
your welcome
i think you've found your new home. :)
Totally. Two of my friends have read the books one of them is really pissing me off so she is out and the other liked them but didn't love them like me so I am stuck to. All of my friends think they suck because the movies did and it is totally not true. One of my friends hates the books but she just had to go read them but she hates it and wont shut up about it. Its probably one of the reasons I am here. I need peoples to talk to :(
3 of my friends couldn't make it through the first book. they said they thought it was just poorly written and could not get into the story. I can understand your friends who think the movies suck because, compared to the books, the movies do suck, all except for Edward, of course. He's perfect. :)

So I can understand what you're going through but there are lots of topics here and lots of folks to talk to. Have fun and welcome. :)
Lol thanks. This website is great! I see girls all the time pick up the books and then stop reading because they call it "boring"
advise your friends who think it's boring to read the books to get the audiobook/cd version from the library. the girl who reads them is GREAT. i'm sure your friends would like that, if their only complaint was that the books were boring. :)


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