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Hello!  My cable went out and I couldn't watch the show People's Choice Awards.  I was curious if anyone has?  If someone has, could you tell me who won?  If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won?  If Twilight Eclipse won?  Thank you!  Appreciate it!

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Yeah I noticed that too.  On Taylor's I couldn't decide if it were his leg or if it was the cushion of the seat, they are both black.  But either way, she has always been sort of touchy feely.
I commented on the first picture with her hands on each of their legs simple because I thought it was amusing.  I'm posting this one so that you can clearly see that there are arm rests, each man is wearing black pants and the seats are blue in color.  Amusing that's all.

That is more clear, thanks. 

You're welcome JJ.
She was getting up to receive her award. I dont see the big deal. We love taylor too dont we? I might not be crazy about Jacob but Taylor makes me tolerate him hehehehe
At first I thought she was getting up too, but then I don't know why her legs are still crossed.  That makes it very difficult to stand.
lol jj u realy made lol my dear husband is looking @ me and SHH. I think if u watch the video again you'll see she uses both of them as support but mind u she does linger a bit while getting up
LOL and even though her legs are crossed, I do agree with you that she is probably getting ready to stand and just using their legs to help herself up.

Kristen needs a stylist BADLY!

Rob could use one too.

Rob always has weird fashion sense. 


I thought Kristen looked good, just her skirt was too short for sitting.  If she were just presenting then the skirt would have been fine (she has great legs) but when sitting it was really short. 

AMEN!  Thank you!  Finally someone agrees with me.  Kristen is a beautiful young woman, but she dresses like....well....I'll be nice and say a call girl.  Her dresses hemlines are so high that it looks like they are just below her crotch (trashy!)  I know she's trying to look Hot and Sexy, but she isn't the Hot and Sexy type personality.  She is what I would call a Classic Beauty.  I would put her in the same category with Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall.  She needs to start dressing for herself, not what "in style".  Lower hemlines, at least 4-5 inches lower, no sequins( they are so over-to trailer trash), and something with color for a change ( all she ever wears is gold, silver, or flesh-tone beige). She also needs to rethink her make-up.  Her eyes are too heavy and her lips and cheeks are non-exsistent. She finally got her hair right though and her acceptance speech was a lot better than once before.  She's usually so shy that she can't even look at the audience.

I know she has done pot casually (that was a couple years ago, she might have stopped all together), but I would be surprised if she does that while making a movie.  She takes her acting very seriously and I would find it surprising if she did it while "working". 


But if you are talking about a picture taken of her when she of "off duty" then it is possible, I guess. 


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