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Hello!  My cable went out and I couldn't watch the show People's Choice Awards.  I was curious if anyone has?  If someone has, could you tell me who won?  If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won?  If Twilight Eclipse won?  Thank you!  Appreciate it!

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nothing on Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?

No, i think you are wrong. AJ has a strong following so doe JA . KS was nominated amoungst stiff competition and THE PEOPLE CHOSE her. It is the people's choice awards afterall:)


The point is she won and i think the OP asked what happened who won etc etc. I dont the topic of the discussion is why someone won an award. Its quite obvious why especially @ these awards. As i said above THE PEOPLE VOTED:)


@Toni hi angel long time huh:D

hey Layla girl how you been???? :)
They both won favorite Movie Screen Team along with Kristen for Twilight: Eclipse.   Taylor and Kristen looked great and gave very nice speeches.  Rob on the other hand... well, let's just say, he left much to be desired.  He was dressed like a slob and acted like her was high, and his speech?  Well, it was non-exsistant.  He thanked the People's Choice for his new phone and said he thinks he already broke it. and then left the stage.  Nothing like showing your true colors, huh?

Here are some clips, sometimes utupe pulls the speeches so hopefully that won't happen. 


Kristen Best Actress 



Eclipse Best Move AND Rob, Kristen, Taylor Best GROUP 



I feels like this is the first awards show that Twilight did not take everything that they were nominated for (or at least almost everything). 


Do you think that the Saga, is loosing its momentum?  That "the People" are tired of Twilight?  

The following is taken from The Hollywood Gossip:

People's Choice Awards 2011: List of Winners

Who were the big winners at the People's Choice Awards?

You can probably guess, since you, the people, cast the votes. But we've got the full list of 2011 winners and nominees for you below regardless!

Keeping its momentum from last year, the Twilight saga was a big winner, Eclipse-ing the competition. What an absolute stunner. And awful joke.


So clearly with Eclipse and the stars of it winning more awards than any other movie or stars, why would anyone question that it is losing it's momentum?  And this in a year when Eclipse was clearly NOT the best picture!

I personally didn't feel it did very well.  I don't mean to say Best Movie isn't significant, that is fantastic, especially since there were better movies out there that possibly should have won.  


However loosing best male, and best under 25 is also pretty significant, and just made we wonder.  

JJ i doubt that people are tired, but i must say the hatred towards certain camps has increased ten fold. That coupled with the fact that their votes got split made it easier 4 the competition to win over them. The truth is, anti twi people are tired of twilight scooping everything so they just vote so anything oyher than twilight wins. I mean c'mon, eclipse eclipsed HP opening night lol.


The antis or haters vote just so twilight cant win, twi fans vote but its hard to choose because all 3 leads has their fan base so as i said the vote gets split.

You didn't miss anything Doc.  It was a very poorly planned and executed show.  Looked more like amateur hour.  As for our winners,  Kristen won for Favorite Movie Actress, beating out Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston.  Twilight : Eclipse won Favorite Movie and Favorite Drama Movie.  Then Rob, Kristen and Taylor all won under Twilight: Eclipse for Favorite On Screen Team.  This last award was not presented during the broadcast.  In fact, there were more than half of the the categories that were voted on with winners this year that never made airtime.  Makes me angry because I take my job as one of their judges seriously and I was looking forward to seeing these awards handed out.   I'm also disappointed that not more of the people I voted for won, but nothing I can do about that.  Well, there's always next year.

Here I thought I would throw in some pictures for those who couldn't see it  


YEAH for Kristin having her hair back!! 



Click to view full size image


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second picture up - did anyone notice that she has her right hand on Taylor's leg and her left hand on Rob's leg!


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