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Now that Midnight Sun is officially published on SM's homepage, I wonder why she doesn't finish is as a present for her readers.
You can¨t publish the same book twice, because it is the same story from another perspective. Learning about Edward's thoughts clarifies the whole story and give a deeper understanding of his motives and the things he says and does later on in the other books.
Please Stephenie - this is not about more money. You already wrote the first 12 chapters. Give your loyal readers a treat and publish the rest on your homepage.

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I totally agree with you! I wanna read it all. I wanna know every thing about what Edward thinks. Do you have the link to " SM's homepage " ???
I would love for her to do it as well, but we need to give her time...she wrote on her site that it's not easy to just pick up where she left off, and she is STILL very hurt by the person who deceived her by leaking the book. She will finish it....we need to leave her alone about it though....too much pressure is never healthy.
she said she wants people to stop talking about it and she hopes we will forget about it. then she will finish it and publish it.
i totally agree with you! I wanna read it all. I wanna know everything about what Edward thinks!!!!
Well. i can understand her a little bit.. somebody took this from her...
but she should finish it.. and publish it...
but i think she will wait like 2 years after everybody forgot to publish it...


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