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Hello everyone.


I am curious as to how everyone feels as to how they did their job.  Rosenburg on her screenwriting and Catherine Hardwicke on her directing in the first Twilight?


Rosenburg on screenwriting on all the Twilight movies....


I am curious if you guys feel they did terrific job or if they could have done a better job?  Personally, I think Catherine "rushed" the movie ....... and I feel that Rosenburg should have stuck closer to the books and that she could have done so much better than those first 3 movies.  I like the movies, but its different from what I had imagined the movies to be.  I am wondering if I am the only one who feels that way?


Do you think Rosenburg is going to stick close to Breaking Dawn?  or is she going to "botch" it up????



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The one scene I missed on Eclipse was Jacob in wolf form licking Bella upside the head. However it took me a day to realize it wasn't there. That's a good movie, when something is missing and you don't miss it.


With B.D. in two pieces I have big hopes for the movie. they have plenty of time to do it right.

Oh Heather they better get the movie right!  hmmm oh yeah I have big huge hopes but if it doesn't match the book, well.... LOL

Two more jumped out at me.

1) What ws with the sunglasses when Edward drove to her school for the first time?

2) Bella had her jacket with her in the movie. the whole preface of her not haveing a jacket was so Edward would have and excuse to pick her up and suttley make the chioce that she wanted to be with Edward.

Food for thought.

I truly hope she sticks true to the books.  I have loved all the movies, but there are so many things I miss in them., but I am a realist and know that they have to cut, just so many things I would have loved to see.  I almost wish it were a series over years so they could complete the whole book set....

LMAO I have no idea what was up with the glasses :)


Yeah I wanted to see the part where Bella threatened to handicap Tyler to Edward LOL....


like I said there were several pieces in the book that I wanted to see into a movie .... hmmm

I agree that Twilight could of done alittle bit better. They left scenes out of the movie and could of been longer.


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