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If your Team Edward and your least favorite book is New Moon - because Edward leaves Bella and all those goodbyes - would you still bother seeing New Moon when it comes out in theaters?

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I will see it. Yea i went back and read the book. Even tho i didnt like it much cause most of it jacob was in. But now i kinda like it. Well not the whole book just the end. Its like one of my top parts of the book
I like new moon than eclipse, even if in new moon Edward leaves Bella. And because of that I am excited to watch new moon in theaters.
yes i want to new moon even though i dont like jacob. i cant wait to see how the volturi scene comes out!
How can you consider yourself a twilight fan if you don't even want to see the movie... and new moon isn't my least fav... i think... i can't decide which one i like the least... but yh, the reunion is so cute... so yh...
Twilight Fans see the movie...

ily xoxo
Peace XD
Of course i´ll bother, is impossible not to see it, u can´t understand how powerfull is their love is u didnt see it.....i think that if u dont see how painfull was bella´s time without Edward, doesn´t have any sence that u read or see Eclipse and breaking dawn
New Moon (the book) is just as powerful as Twilight and shouldn't be underestimated. Hopefully the movie will be the same.
NM is an important part of the Saga. Jacob aside, without it...without Edward leaving her, Bella would never know who she can truely live without. Doesn't she confess as much, when she finally has to choose?
NM is heartbreaking and shockingly devastating (at least it was for me the very first time I read it)
If you've ever been in love...if you have ever loved at all, this one is not to be missed.
Can't wait for the film release!!!
Of course I am team Edward and I nearly threw the book when he broke her heart in New Moon, but that will not stop me seeing New Moon.
of course i will! ..
im going to cry my eyes out when he leaves .. but i must see it ..
besides .. i kinda like jacob too .. or .. understand him a bit .. so .. i'll be there!
I think a lot of people might change their minds about Jacob after this movie comes out. It's not my favourite book but it is definately the most emotional. I just sob the whole way through it! I am Team Edward all the way but we need to see the bond between Bella and Jacob form to experience why she is so torn between the two of them. Plus I can't wait to see the scene in Italy when Edward thinks he's really dead and sees Bella for the first time!


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