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If your Team Edward and your least favorite book is New Moon - because Edward leaves Bella and all those goodbyes - would you still bother seeing New Moon when it comes out in theaters?

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Of course...I'm too addicted not to see it :) I am team Edward but still want to see it.
New moon isn't my least favorite, out of all the books it brought the most emotion out of me being that their forbidden love was in jeopardy and seemed so non-existent. I'll see the movie no matter my views prior, because I support this series, and apparently I love it enough to blab about it online. 'nuff said.

i will go cause i think it is an important book even if New Moon is my least favorite book.... but it will be mostly for the end with the volturi ^^
new moon isn't my favortie of the saga, but i'm hoping that the movie differs like Twilight did a little.... what i mean is like maybe go back and forth between Bella and Edwards torments and depression instead of just bella. keep it interesting... it might get alittle blah if all they do is focus on Bella and Jacob. Then again... that time between Bella and Jake is important because it adds to the tension between Jake and Ed... so i don't know. can't wait to see it either way.....
There is no way that I am not seeing the movie.
of course. i can't wait to see Jacob phase, and I want to see how Rob Pattinson will portray Edward when Edward decided to die. :)
i love new moon.. i mean i hate it when edward leaves and cry every time i read it. but like others said, there is so much emotion and this part makes bella and edward's love stonger which i love.I'm ready to see how taylor plays jacob.. i mean with all the transitions he will be going through. i hated new moon when i first read it but now that i have read it over i understand that edward had to leave.he thought it was for the best and we all know edward is very hard headed, but this makes bella and edward realize they can never live without each other again. So yes I'm very pumped about seeing the movie!! counting down til November 20!!!
I absolutely love New Moon.
I think the book is amazing.
What worries me is how these books are so
wonderful & how they are going to capture it all &
put it in a movie.
Im sure it will be great no matter what.... I hope so anyways.
Even though I loved the Twilight movie I love the book about
20 times more.
well duh.
yes b/c even thoungh he isnt in it much i still get to see him GO TEAM EDWARD!
YES i would still see it b/c its an important part of the plot and not to see it would be leaving out a big chunk of the movies all together


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