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When Bella and Edward returned to Forks from Florida, Jacob wanted to see Bella.  Only to discuss with Edward.


I want everyone's opinion.....


Should Jacob have told Bella about Victoria visitng while Bella was in Florida???  Should Edward be the one who told her or was he right to try and protect her??

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Personally, I think Jake did the right thing by telling Bella about what happened. Edward should never have tried to keep that from her in the first place. Bella had a right to know what was going on. This was one of the things that bugged me about Edward in Eclipse. I understand that he was only trying to protect Bella in his own way, but he comes across as an overprotective, controlling jerk.
I think Jacob made a good choice and a wise action too. If Bella didn't know about Victoria, she would all be at ease and if for once Edward shifted his attention even just for a second, he might make the biggest mistake of his whole existance. With Bella knowing, at least she would have be on alert. Yes, Edward don't want to burden Bella with this, and of course he thought that he would be able to defeat her by himself, but still...Besides, don't you think Jacob telling Bella about this is the kick-start of the climax of Eclipse? Haha...
agreed, jake did the right thing. thats what bugs me about edward he tries so hard to protect belloa that it comes to lieing and hiding things or trying to keep her from others. anyway yes jake did the right thing
EC should of been honest with her, but Jake went about it the wrong way. He should not of showed up at school he should called a meeting in the woods as he did in NM. EC new that BS would of wanted to help if she knew so he didn't tell her to get her out of town, but once they where out of danger he should of told her.
This whole interaction was sort of weird from Jacob. I think that it makes sense for him to be checking to see that Bella was still human. I think that experience of her being "away" kind of reminded him of how important she is to him. This is sort of when Jacob opens the door back to Bella (up until the point I think he has still been ignoring her phone calls). And then once Jacob speaks with Bella, he just wants to make sure she is going to school?!? If Jacob wanted to talk to Edward, he could have over the phone then. But I really do think Jacob wanted to see Bella's reaction to when he spoke to Edward. But even then I think Jacob should have just come over to Bella's house then instead of met at the school.

So I don't think that is was a problem that Jacob told Bella about Victoria. Jacob is right, she had a right to know. However I have a problem with him having this "confrontation" at the school. It was inappropriate. However I do not think that Jacob come over to inform Bella about Victoria (I think he thought she already knew) but instead was coming over as "spokes person" for their tribe to warn Edward to keep"his kind" off their land. (Which to me makes the school even a more inappropriate setting) So I don't think it really had anything to do with Bella, but everything to do with Emmett "crossing the line".

Yes I think that Edward should have told her. It really really bothers me how often Edward lies to Bella. Edward treats Bella like she is a child, and I find that really annoying.
I think she had a right to know but it could have ruined Bella and Edwards relationship. I think Edward should have told her himself but then he had a right to protect her.
now how was telling her protecting her?

In my opinion, Jacob did not care about Bella's feelings at the time. He just wanted Edward to look bad, like he is a bad person. Just to make Bella feel like she has a lying boyfriend and that he (Jacob) would never lie to her inspite of the circumstance. It had nothing to do with protecting Bella.

Edward was wrong to lie to Bella but we could all understand why he did it. He knows the kind of person Bella is and he would not want her to get scared and worked up over something that probably was just nothing! Edward knew he would never let Victoria close Bella so why would he go frightening the poor girl when he knew he would always have the situation under control?

Plus, he probably would have told her in his own time, when he thought it was best for her to know.

Jacob is just a self-centered, arrogant, dumb, show off. He spend more time trying to make Edward look bad than just fighting for Bella fair!
I agree that Jacob didn't tell her to protect her. To be honest I don't think this had anything to do with Bella at all. Jacob showed up as a member of the wolf pack. Granted Sam probably should have been the one to go instead of Jacob, but that doesn't make for a very interesting story. Jacob was not there to "inform" Bella of Victoria, I think he assumed that she already knew, however Jacob was there to give a warning to Edward and his family and them staying off their land. He wasn't trying to make Edward "look bad" Edward did that all by himself.
I agree with you MzTwilight. He was more worried about how Bella was in love with Edward and how he is trying to make Edward look like a bad person blah blah... i do believe that Edward would have told her himself sometime soon. He does know how Bella is. She always gets worked up about Victoria... always. He knows that... so therefore he is trying to protect her. Of course he would never let her near Bella. EVER.
I think that Jacob did the right thing. I think as her best friend he had a duty to tell her about Vitoria. he thinks she is strong enough to handle the truth and Carlie was in danger as well. he was left unprotected. she never would have left him alone. I think Jacob was right she should have been the one to decide what happens to protect her and her father. atleast knew what was going on instead of being lied to. for whatever Jacob's reasons were I think he did the right then. and later when she came to the res to talk to him about it and he total her the whole story I think he did the right thing as well.
Alice and the rest of the family was there. 1st thing is Victoria would not have harmed Charlie, she is a vampire and revenge for them is very severe and direct. For humans, if you can't get the boyfriend you chase his girlfriend but ot for Victoria. Charlie did her no wrong, it's Bella she wanted but even if she planned to hurt Charlie, Alice would have seen it and the would have protected him. The situation is merely Jake's business. He considers no one else's feeling really but his own. He should not have been the one to tell Bella, Edward was but when he knew it was the right time. Why would Edward frighten the girl if he knew she was never in any real danger once he and his family is on the watch? Jake is just a fast little boy who needs tomind his own business and stop pretend like he cares when he is just trying to make Edward look bad!
I have to disagree, his family was not protecting Charlie they were out to get Victoria. and we do not know that Victoria would not have harmed Charlie because she IS a vampire and just like James they will use whatever they can to get what the want. who is the say she would not have harmed him just to hurt bella there by also hurting Edward. Just as James drew bella out by using her mother Victoria could have done the same with Charlie.

I also have to disagree with you about Jacob, as her best friend he should have told her about what was going on why she was lied to and taken away. she should have been able to make the choice on her own what should have been done to protect her OWN life. Bella is not a child and she is capable of making her own choices, if edward did not agree with it then oh well that is on him. it was not up to Edward to decide on how she choose to handle the danger her father and herself were in it was up to her. Jacob loves bella and cares about her it is not an act and bella knows that which is why she appreciates him telling her the truth about Victoria. Edward if he had any respect for bella I feel should have done the same but since he didn't then I am very happy her best friend did. she had a right to know. I agree it should have been Edward but he didn't do it.


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