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When Bella and Edward returned to Forks from Florida, Jacob wanted to see Bella.  Only to discuss with Edward.


I want everyone's opinion.....


Should Jacob have told Bella about Victoria visitng while Bella was in Florida???  Should Edward be the one who told her or was he right to try and protect her??

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I agree with everything you said here.
ok I see some of your points but the only point I have left to argue is that this was no ordinary situation (human situation) where it's a kind of danger that can happen to any of us. They are dealing with vampires! Who would know the best way to be cautious than Edward?

I get all what you are saying but it was still an attempt to make Edward look bad because he saw an opening. He realised that Bella did not know and he just blew it up in Edward's face right there, just like that. Why he could not tell er when they were alone? Why he could not say it better than the way he did.

I am not saying that Jake don't care but even if he does, in this case, it's not that he really needed Bella to know, he wanted Edward again, to look bad!

He was not considerate of her feelings, not there. He knew this would throw Bella into a panic. A panic that could have been avoided because the fact remains, Victoria did not get close to doing anything destructive and Jake knew she would'nt.
Thanks Georgia.
Yes I do believe Edward would have told Bella soon sometime. He wanted to protect her because he knows how Bella is when there is danger nearby. He knew how she would react so she was whisked off to Florida ... I think Jacob should have kept his mouth shut but ... he is constantly trying to make Edward look like the bad person
Your welcome Georgia! Yeah Jacob is at disadvantage and it upsets him. Oh well is what I think. haha...
i agree with u

Obviously SM thought it was the right thing to do, however, we all have different thoughts on what's right or wrong. At the time jacob thought it was the right thing. For me? No i dont think it was, because 1nce again jacob proves that he is infact very self absorbed and ultimately does what jacob wants. HE thinks it's right for bella to know, HE comes to "warn" Edward, i mean realy now just who does this Jacob thinks he is. If any1 should have given the warning it should have been Billy or Quil snr or as the "Alpha" at the time Sam, and they should thus have gone to Carlisle.

I think jacob came to give the warning because he wanted a fight. Edward didnt lie to bella, he just didnt tell her (and please dont give me crap about Lying by omission). Edward doesnt want to cause bella even a second of pain. If he could have her smile 24/7 he would find a way to give that to her.
Edward waited almost 100yrs for bella, She is willing to give up her life 4 immortality i think this relationship has moved beyond "overprotective". If 1 doesnt feel they have right over the other,(in view of this Immortal love)to be overprotective then I'm sure this would leave us questioning especially bella's love for edward.

I dont think i'm done saying what i wanted i cant help feeling there's something i didnt say so i might come back and add my 2 cents lol
I won't give you crap about lying by omission, because Edward straight up lies. Bella directly asks him what Alice saw in her vision, and Edward knew it was about Victoria but he lied to her. You can justify and explain it (and to be honest I get why he did it), but this lie wasn't by omission.
Very true, JJ. I had forgotten about that part. He did straight out lie to her about what was going on. Bella knew something more was up than that, but he decided for her, once again, what she could and couldn't handle. I completely understand why Edward did the things that he did in Eclipse, but that still doesn't make any of it right. He should have been completely honest with her about what was going to be happening with Victoria right from the beginning. Then he could have explained why he felt they should just go to Florida and get out of town for awhile. Considering the wolves were involved, I'm sure Alice couldn't see what the final outcome was going to be. He had no way of knowing for sure whether or not Victoria would break through all of their lines or not. How did he know for sure that she wouldn't get to Charlie? How would he have explained that to Bella? She would have never forgiven him for leaving her dad unprotected or herself for not being there when Charlie needed her the most.
no one knew what Victoria would do. remember Edward left for Italy thinking Victoria would follow him and that bella would be safe but she didn't instead she continued to hunt Bella. and remember they had no clue that Victoria was behind the New born Army and it was Bella that had to figure it out. and in the chapter fire and ice they had no idea that Victoria would find Bella in the tent and if Bella hadn't insisted Edward stay with her that day she could have been killed. all because they were WRONG about what Victoria would do. they haven't seen anything she would do or anticipate anything she would do from the moment she set out on revenge. its been a guessing game from the start. even Alice is at a disadvantage because of the wolves so she is not sure. no one is.
hmm good point Anita
Anita that is a wonderful point. They have not "guessed" correctly once about what Victoria would do.

And about Charlie's safety. I was skimming through Twilight answering another question and I stumbled across where James is talking to Bella at the studio. He mentions that "sense Victoria couldn't get to Charlie". . . now she couldn't get to Charlie because they were on "red alert" but to me that Victoria has already tried to get to Charlie and failed. So in theory if she is pissed off about that, she would still be trying to get to Charlie just because she "could".
Exactly! thank you JJ! :)


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