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Following the deceiptful posting of Midnight Sun (the partial draft) on the internet, Stephenie Meyer amongst other comments said,

'Writing isn't like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.'




Stephenie has posted this partial draft on the internet herself so her fans would not feel dishonest in reading it.


The partial draft is fantastic and gives great insight into Edwards otherwise 'guarded' emotional persona.


It brings to life the love in his heart he holds for Bella combined with the raging lust for her blood.  His battle against the predator inside him so Bella can continue to live and love.



It shows to us the height of his protective nature over Bella and...




How far he is willing to go to protect her (even against his family).


It shows to us his despair at the thought of losing her even before she is his to lose and his frustration, intrigue and magnified curiosity about her as he cannot read her like 'the others'.


Maybe it would help us to understand fully about how Edward feels about his soul and subsequently Bella's soul too...



My questions are;


1)  Do 'Summit' have enough material to produce a movie in line with 'Midnight Sun'? (with permission and guidance from Stehenie Meyer of course)


2)  Which scenes from Twilight would you like to be the focus of such a movie?

(What burning questions would you like to be answered from Edwards perspective?)


Wow an insight into Edwards deepest thoughts, feelings and secrets, how fantastic would that be??? (this last one is rhetorical but feel free to answer it)


I wait in anticipation for your thoughts.

This topic was suggested to me by Doc,  thank you Doc (I hope this discussion meets your expectations), your friend Kimmie x

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Dear Kimmy,
Your question MORE than meets my expectations. This question of course is a theoretical one in that we twi-lover's over-riding desire is to see a completed written " Midnight Sun" by Stephanie. And "Midnight Sun" the movie COULD only be produced with her permission.

That being said: IF "MIDNIGHT SUN" the movie was produced. I wonder? Would you want it produced before or after Bree Tanner? If Stephanie said "You can produce the movie because I have defiantly decided to put the project on the shelf, for say a decade. Would you rather that it was produced now with Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart, or (since they would be to mature looking to play the roles) would you PREFER to see the movie cast with other leads than Robert and Kristen?

Breaking Dawn run about 500 pages and is being made into 2 movies.(From about 250 pages of Stephanie's work eacg) Bree Tanner and the first half of " Midnight Sun" run about 200 pages.

So many questions: so few answers. I am going to have to think about this entire subject for a while, before I attack it. But job well done Kimmy. Job Well done indeed! Doc
If you haven't read the working draft of "Midnight Sun you can at:

Or you can listen to it being read at: (Important the "Novella" is divided into 16 parts "I think" so to listen to it you have to individualy click on each section seperatly) FYI The Reading Bear ( I am glad that Kimmy and Doc conspired to open this topic to debate!" )

I would like to see it now with K and R but I will have to reread to say what parts of Twi to be used. I would really love to see the meeting the Cullens had about Bella, to kill or not to kill. this is a great question. Thanks Kimmie and Doc I will have to give it some thought to think out of the box. Can't wait to read others responses
1) If one is determine to accomplish something, so they would. And I believe Summit would be able to produce a movie if they intended to.

2) I was dissapointed because SM stopped at the part where I wanted to read the most, and it hurts to think that she wouldn't continue=I wouldn't get to read that particular part forever. To answer the question, if the movie were to be produced and filmed, I would want the scene of the meadow to be given extra focus. It has been a burning curiosity to me of what Edward was thinking, being able to be alone with Bella some place deep inside the forest, and how he found the courage and confidence to bring her there. And it would be nice to know his feelings and thoughts when he shows Bella his vampire powers, and what he thinks of her knowing he is a bloodsucking monster yet still accepted him as he is no different.

I hope I did answer your questions:)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, i too would be sooo disappointed if Stephenie doesn't finish the book. I loved reading the rest of it. In a way, i wished i hadn't read it, even though you kind of know what happens, you don't from Edwards perspective, it's like someone starting a sentence then stopping half way through. People do it all of the time and leave you in suspense. I hope Stephenie finds her desire to finish it too.

Kimmie x
I think that all that has read it can't wait for her to finish it but it may be along time. She was betraed by someone letting it out before she was done. We will have to wait and hope that she knows that we love her writing and will wait for her.

After Stephanie Meyer wrote "New Moon" (because of an error by the publisher "some copies" were prematurely released) A librarian who received a copy, felt that it was her responsibility to release critical portions of the novel onto the Internet. Stephanie was "crushed." "The hate mail just wouldn't stop. I wept for two days, she said."

As she was working on "Eclipse" she sent a preliminary copy to one of her sisters. That sister loaned it to a second sister, who had a friend who made copies of it for her friends. When she learned what had happened Stephanie sent out a note. "I HAVE MADE A PLEDGE TO GOD, THAT IF EVERY SINGLE COPY OF ECLIPSE IS NOT RETURNED, I WILL NEVER WRITE A SINGLE WORD OF "TWILIGHT SAGA" MATERIAL AGAIN! Every copy was returned.

In an interview Stephanie said. I did loan out copies of my working draft of "Midnight Sun." But since I was continuing to work on the story, as I did, small changes were present in each copy that I loaned out. Because of that, I know exactly who had the copy that was released via the Internet. Since no one has ever said who released the "draft." I have always presumed that it was a family members copy that was released. I don't know if Stephanie made another oath to God about "Midnight Sun,." or if her previous oath to her God, covered future novels, but if she did, the movie Midnight Sun won't be made until she passes away. Which I pray won't be for at least for another 60 years.
Thanks Doc, Its just sad that us as fans will have to wait because someone else was desetful. But I understand how she feels. I hope I am around when it dose come out.
I don't actually understand why would they do such things, SM has entrusted them with her hardwork, they should be supportive...Anyway, I'm glad that they did return the Eclipse drafts, or else, TTS would never had been released, haha...

Thanks Kimmi x for the great discussion! Thanks Doc for sharing with us! And thanks Debbi for sharing your thoughts too:)
Yes that would have totally been awesome to have edward's point of view I read the first 12 chapters of "Midnight Sun" (on stepenie meyers website of course) and it was soooo good but if they were going to tell edward's side they would have done it in twilight because thats all midnight sun is Twilight reversed
Dear Janiz thank you for your opinion I will include it in the discussion for the other members to see: Doc i dont think MS should be produced now, since the book itself is not yet finished. In any case,if the Midnight sun book will be publish( i hope soon), it is definitely should be another twilight movie..

what they need to do, is to start already the " breaking dawn", since it will be divided in to 2 movies. I mean I dont want to wait another year for the 2nd movie before i can watch it. Hopefully, they can somewhat, include. all the details in the book.

Dear Tracti,
I will include your opinion in the discussion Doc,
Dear Doc From Tracie,

not sure a movie needs to be made. The book Most Certainly does (I hope I hope) but I feel the movies are for a wider audience not as familiar with the books, and may be a bit of oversaturation for those who are not completely obsessed. Thankfully there are enough people completely obsessed that the Lovely Ms. M. could write Bella and Edward for the rest of her life if she so chose, but I think a MS movie would be overkill.
Great discussion!
1. Yes, they do have enough. They know exactly what happened in Twilight, even if they don't have it all written from Edward's perspective. Of course they don't know where Edward was at certain times that she was away from Bella, but in the movie he rarely is away from her--only when he goes missing for several days (when he's in Denali). Otherwise, the bones of the movie plot are there. And I think Rob (judging by interviews I've seen with him discussing the character) probably knows Edward as well as anyone besides SMeyer herself. So I think between Rob and Stephenie, they could manage to bring Edward's version to life.

2. The meadow. The night in her room when he watches her sleep. What was it like for him when he found out that Bella was missing in Phoenix? What was he thinking during their immortality discussion at prom? How would they portray Edward's ability to read everyone's mind?

But honestly, even though I think they could make the movie, I don't think they should. For one thing, I didn't like the screenplay for Twilight, and they've completely butchered the meadow scene and several other things--like how Bella actually finds out, the fact that she admits to him on the way home from Port Angeles that she knows, etc.--and I don't see how they could make the movie now and not follow the events as they were laid out in Twilight the movie. I personally much prefer the book storyline, and I don't think I could sit through watching them mutilate scenes I love from the book AGAIN by seeing a MS version that follows the movie storyline.
So, much as I love Rob as Edward, I hope if they ever make MS that it is years from now and more faithful to Twilight, even if SMeyer never finishes MS.


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