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SO WHY JACOB ? ....... A Rose Debate  

After Bella transfers to Forks High she is is approached by almost all the boys at her new school. The student leader Mike Newton, has a strong attraction to Bella. Lovable Lawrence with his enthusiasm and spirit asks if he can escort her to the prom. Eric the lovable geek, and a good student would love to hook up with her. As well as these boys, Bella could provably could have choosen Pat or a dozen others boys for a boy friend. 

And that is because Bell is the "shiny new toy" that every one is interested in. And because Bella is far from average. Even though she doesn't know it she is actually quite pretty, and is very very special

As Bella gazes at the school's reading list, she discovers that not only has she already read every book on the list, but that she has also written essays on each of their major themes. Biology classes for Bella, and her lab partner (A man named Edward Cullen) are nothing more than review sessions. Bella  has already taken an advanced placement biology class. And the fact that her partner has two doctoral degrees in Medicine, gives him an advantage not only over the other students, but also her teacher Mr. Banner.  


Bella is a seventeen year old girl, but she is also an adult woman. She has been the emotional caretaker of her mother for years. And within hours of arriving at her fathers home she assumes the role as the caretaker of his home as well. And she has read and re-read all of the classic literature so many times that "the spines of her books can no longer hold themselves up."

But she has caught the eye of another student who seems to have no connection with the other "kids" He actualy is an adult living in the body of a seventeen year old. 
His name is Edward and he is both beautiful and rich. And when he talks to her he asks the the types of questions one adult might ask of another. 


Bella is attracted to Edward and he to her. But Edward leaves.

Bella still has the choice of virtually any boy at school. MN to BS : So your back. GOOD.  Let's go to a movie. Bella is alone and she can choose the company of virtually any boy in school to provide her  both affection and company






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I think it was because when she is with Jake she can be the teenager and take risks. He understands her to a point and he can also take care of her. As we all know she needs alot of taking care of. The other boys from shcool where not that mature. If live would of been normal her and Jake would of made a good pair.
In my opinion, Bella and Jacob was never close until Edward left. Now I would not say she "chose" Jacob. In my opinion she was not looking for anyone but she end up finding the emotional support and strength in Jacob.

How it all started was the fact that Bella wanted to do live threatening activities so she can hear Edward's voice so she got the old motorcycles, wanting to fix them up for HERSELF. When she realised how much it was going to cost to get them fixed she remembered that she knew someone good enough to ask them for help. (Jacob) So she took the bikes down to La Push. After deciding they will work on the bikes everyday, they became closer and closer because they were now spending a lot of time together because Jake was helping her with the bikes.

Now in New Moon, when the bikes were finished Jake asked Bella in her truck on the way to test them... "If I told you I could not have fixed these bikes, what would you have said?" Bella replied "Are you doubting your mad skills?" Jake replied "No. Definitely not." (He said a little something extra, can't recall) then Bella answered "If you told me you coud'nt fix these bikes, I would have said that that's too bad but we'll just have to find something else to do"

Now in my opinion that was a lie. If she did not get the bikes then she and Jake would not have become such close friends and if Jake had told her he could not fix the bikes then she would have been on her way and she and Jake would not have become that close. She probably would have just spoken to him when he and Billy come up to visit Charlie.

So all I'm trying to say is that Bella did not choose Jake. She was not looking for someone in the first place but because she seeked help and Jake could have helped her, after working on the bikes everyday they became close friends and she found strength from hanging out with him.

That's my answer.
Easy, because Jacob is happy go lucky and do not judge her, in any sense. Bella could really relate to Jacob, as he is her BFF, and as she once put it, her personal sun. By being with him, she doesn't have to put a mask on, of being afraid that her true self would be harshly judge, in simpler words, Jacob accepts and likes her for her. Unlike hanging out with her 'other' friends, she has to put up a facade and to pretend for a second that she is one of them, by right she doesn't feel entirely comfortable with it. Sure she does love her friends, but not mutual friends, just...friends, those kind of friends where could be catogorized as get-along friends only. She wanted to be average, and by being with Jacob, she feels average, not like a newcomer or a 'shining new toy'...
I don't think "chose" is the right word. Bella just wanted to get the bikes fixed at first. Then after spending time with Jacob, he grew on her. He became her metaphorical crutches after Edward left. Usually after spending a lot of time with one person, one usually develops feelings for them (Keep in mind they are not always positive feelings, but in this case they are).
Forks High and everything associated with it, including the boys who are interested in her, remind Bella of Edward's absence. But she can spend time with Jake because it's not the same as having to sit in the same classrooms with Mike and Tyler and Eric that she sat in with Edward every day. She could never consider seriously dating Mike, even if she was interested (which she wasn't) because she couldn't be sure he wouldn't bring up Edward or say "told you so." (Mike did try to warn her that dating Edward was maybe not a good idea.) Besides, she works with him and that's another Edward reminder--coming home from work the two days between her party and Edward leaving--once to find Edward waiting, but cold and distant, and once when he didn't come over at all. Tyler is a reminder as well--it was Tyler's van that Edward saved her from and it was Tyler who showed up at her house with his delusions that he would be escorting Bella to prom. And any one of those guys could (and probably would) bring up her depression and the cause of it at some point. She doesn't really need or want those reminders, as she is conscious of Edward's absence every single second.

Jake was an acquaintance, a sort of friend but not really, during Bella's time with Edward. Sure, Jake came over sometimes with Billy, but they weren't best buds or particularly close at the time. She thought of him as a nice and fun kid, nothing more. When she was with Edward, she didn't really give Jake a lot of thought. So he doesn't remind her of her time with Edward because she doesn't really associate him with that time.
And she can hang out at Jake's because his garage has absolutely no association with Edward. She can't say the same for her own house, where she has memories of Edward in every room. And dating any of the guys at school would mean sitting with them every day in the cafeteria, which is where she first saw Edward. So with that as a memory, surely all the other boys pale in comparison? Jake's only real association with Edward (in Bella's mind) is the one time on the beach at La Push when he told her about the Quileute legends and the Cullens.
And I think that's part of the attraction as well, at least at first. Because remember for Bella, the one thing that helped her survive Edward leaving was reassuring herself that he was real, that he and all the Cullens were real and they existed somewhere in the world. So I think on a subconscious level, Bella is drawn to Jacob and La Push because his tribe, perhaps more than anyone else besides Bella, believes in what the Cullens really were. Bella's "friendship" with Jake started the day that he told her what Edward really was. And so, that one small association that Bella can make between Jake and Edward is that Jake also knows (even if he doesn't yet believe) that Edward and the Cullens were real and were really vampires. So in a way, Jake provides a kind of the proof that Bella needs that "he was real, they all were real." (That's the same reason Bella felt relief at first when she saw Laurent in the meadow--he was proof they existed.) So Jake provides for Bella just enough proof of Edward's existence (and of what he was) without her having to associate him with all the painful reminders of her time with Edward. And the bonus is that he just happens to be a great mechanic, so he can help her fix up her bikes and (unknowingly) help her feed her need to hang on to Edward.
That's how it started, anyway, in my opinion. Of course she didn't expect that Jake would prove to be just the emotional antidote that she needed to start to heal from Edward's absence. Sometimes we find something when we aren't looking for it.
These are just my initial thoughts off the top of my head. I'm looking forward to reading everyone eles's opinions.
again Shannon you have done a wonderful job at putting it all into words.
I also agree, she does tremendous work expressing her views.

Nicely put Shannon.
Brilliant Shannon!

Dear Shannon,
You make excellent points Mike lacks tact. Quote: "So now you are with Cullen! He looks at you like he is going to eat you. I don't like it!' And Laurence would be a constant reminder of Edwards saving her from Laurence's van. Your point that Jacob helped make Edward real is also a powerful point. The entire concept of VAMPIRES for a practical sane woman like Bella, would seem crazy. BUT she knew that it had to be true. And yet Jacob's tribe's legions would reduce her doubts. "Dear Alice, I saw Edward yesterday, did I forget to mention that I am going insane?" Incidentally to me Edward was always an adult man in the body of a 17 year old young man. Was Bella a woman from the time she crossed the bridge crossing the river? Yes, I agree Bella was delighted to see Laurent, who she still considered a friend. She was so desperate. At the end of "Breaking Dawn" she speculates "Were any of my family members killed?" Thinking of herself as a Cullen. Which I think that she was in all but "name." In New Moon she is exstatic to see Alice but she would have been delighted to just see Rosalie. And your right as so often happens, Bella finds what she needs when she wasn't looking. She of course went to Jacob so that he could build her a machine to see Edward. But she found so much more. THX, DOC
I beleave it was Tyler's van not laurence. As alway your words are alway insightful.
It was because Jacob is Bella's consider only friend, and he does not show that he loves Bella.Mike is too excessive in showing his love and Bella didn't like it.
I agree with others that he was someone that wasn't a part of her day-to-day life therefore she didn't really associate the "daily" Edward with him, and she did share the vampire knowledge with him so he was an understanding someone she could confide in. I also think that her initial comfort with Jake was helped along by Billy's joking that he (Jake) wanted to see her and Charlie's pushing her friendship with Jake (her association/connection with Jake is also skewed between the book and the movie). Bella isn't a girl's friend -- she seems to not have much in common with other girls as she's not the shopping, gossipy, caddy type. Jake was also younger than her and I think she always looked at him as more of a friend vs. a boyfriend so he wasn't a threat to her -- until later. But she stayed true to herself, even though she was considering giving it a try with Jake, in the end it was always Edward.


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