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SO WHY JACOB ? ....... A Rose Debate  

After Bella transfers to Forks High she is is approached by almost all the boys at her new school. The student leader Mike Newton, has a strong attraction to Bella. Lovable Lawrence with his enthusiasm and spirit asks if he can escort her to the prom. Eric the lovable geek, and a good student would love to hook up with her. As well as these boys, Bella could provably could have choosen Pat or a dozen others boys for a boy friend. 

And that is because Bell is the "shiny new toy" that every one is interested in. And because Bella is far from average. Even though she doesn't know it she is actually quite pretty, and is very very special

As Bella gazes at the school's reading list, she discovers that not only has she already read every book on the list, but that she has also written essays on each of their major themes. Biology classes for Bella, and her lab partner (A man named Edward Cullen) are nothing more than review sessions. Bella  has already taken an advanced placement biology class. And the fact that her partner has two doctoral degrees in Medicine, gives him an advantage not only over the other students, but also her teacher Mr. Banner.  


Bella is a seventeen year old girl, but she is also an adult woman. She has been the emotional caretaker of her mother for years. And within hours of arriving at her fathers home she assumes the role as the caretaker of his home as well. And she has read and re-read all of the classic literature so many times that "the spines of her books can no longer hold themselves up."

But she has caught the eye of another student who seems to have no connection with the other "kids" He actualy is an adult living in the body of a seventeen year old. 
His name is Edward and he is both beautiful and rich. And when he talks to her he asks the the types of questions one adult might ask of another. 


Bella is attracted to Edward and he to her. But Edward leaves.

Bella still has the choice of virtually any boy at school. MN to BS : So your back. GOOD.  Let's go to a movie. Bella is alone and she can choose the company of virtually any boy in school to provide her  both affection and company






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Dear Nalisha,
I agree with you. Bella was more certain of Jacob's sincere friendship because it had been present for years.
And as you say it wasn't reliant on the "Shiny new thing attraction" Doc

She choose Jacob because he and his dad are family, she could be who she is and not hide behind a mask. With Jacob she more comfortable especially when he knows what she is going thru. Also she could be reckless without worrying of Jacob telling anyone including Charlie. She is more free to be just Bella , besides they known eachother since they were kids. She don't after worry about Jacob having a agenda like the other boys at school who look at her like a new toy instead of a young women whos very bright and good, in other words they guys at her school were not mature enough and Jacob is not alot mature but enough to her to trust him.
Manuel: - "Also she could be reckless without worrying of Jacob telling anyone including Charlie". Wasn't it Jacob that set the motorcycle in Charlie's driveway to get her in trouble?? He tells and he'll tell when it's convenient to him or advantageous to him . . . JMO :)
I think she's just attracted to different. The boys in her school (except for edward) are too normal. Internally, she knows she doesn't do normal too well and subconsuiously seeks abnormal.
because jacob at the time was here own "personal sun" and he made he forget Edward even if it was for a little bit and they are best friends and he was said he would bring a few friends from la push to make it a group but all of them backed out so it ended up just bella jacob and mike
Hi Doc,

Bella chooses Jacob because he is familar. She has known him almost her entire life. She feels that he is a safe date because she has told Jacob how she feels about him. That it is more of a brotherly love she has for him, not anything romantic at all. Bella see's Jacob as a buffer between her and her admirer's. With him being all big and buff he looks intimadating to the other guys.
Jacob is also someone her father would approve of and not ask too many questions about. I am not entirely convinced that she chose Jacob as much as they were drawn to each other. They both felt better when they were together. He was like her personal sun she had said. She felt almost whole again being around him, she never felt that with other boys. Jacob paid attention to her likes and dislikes. He picked up on the little things that she never knew he saw in her. Like the cringing every time Edward or his family were mentioned. He tried to understand her pain. The other boys would only see her as a trophy to be won.
Hope this help Doc.
As always these are only my feelings, looking forward to everybody elses.
Bella and Jacob just mesh well, I think she needed somebody she could trust, not somebody like Mike newton who would have pestered her to date him, or somebody who only wanted to be with her becouse she's pretty, oblivious as she is to that. Jacob and Bella knew each other from very early childhood, Jacob trusted Bella enough to tell her the legends even though he wasn't allowed, they completed each other in a way they're dad's are best friends, and Bella felt comfortable enogh to be honest and be herself, she lied to her friends at FHS saying she was fine, they believed her and Mike instantly asked her out as soon as she rejoined the group, But Jacob knew it was going to take a lot of time and was willing to wait. the friendship started when Bella was looking for a mechanic and voila Jacob the mechanic, then she realised he was a good guy and they became friends, If Edward didn't exist I believe Bella and Jake would have been together
That might be true, the last part IF Edward didn't exist....But the motorcycles wouldn't have brought them together, I think the fathers would have eventually. Who knows she could have ended up with Quill, only to be crushed by his Imprinting on a child.
lol tru.
I think she wanted the bikes fixed so she could see Edward and she remembered Jacob was kind of a mechanic and could fix them. She knew he is 2 years younger than her so It was more easy for her to be herself around him. I don't think she even imagined the connection they would form. Since he did help her start to heal things started to change then when he started to change and hang around with Sam she got protective and when he told her he could not be friends with her she commented if he was breaking up with her. Once the whole wolf thing was in the open and he was helping keep Victoria away and she was able to be open about the vampires the bond got stronger.


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