The Twilight Saga

Whether it be because you heard them while you read, or just because the lyrics remind you of Edward and Bella...

What songs remind you of Twilight?

For me (and this is totally weird) it's Kelsey by Metro Station. I first heard it around the time I read Twilight, and it reminds me of last summer (GREAT last summer). Other than the timeline, I don't know why. And it's pretty cool that the title is my name (only spelled differently).

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It's Amazing by Jem
The Paramore album Riot & the Twilight soundtrack really remind me because at the time I was totally addicted to Riot so when I was re-reading the books that is what I listened to 9/10 love it!!
I have a playlist for Twilight on my ipod = ).The first time ever I saw your face and angel by Leona Lewis.
there are several songs that remind me of twilight but one that stands out in my head is Lucky by colbie caliat and Jason mraz i think it would be perfect to play on the plane trip back from italy!!!!
lucky i'm in love with my best friend
lucky to everywhere i have been
lucky to be coming home again
lucky were in love in every way
lucky to everywhere we have stayed
lucky to be coming home some day
a second song that stands out in my head is everytime we touch by CASCADA
i still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
i still feel your touch in my dreams
forgive me my weakness but i dont know why
without you its hard to survive
cuz everytime we touch i get this feeling and
everytime we kiss i swear i could fly
can't you hear my heart beat fast
i want this to last
need you by my side
your arms are my castle
your heart is my sky
the wipe away tears that i cry
the good and the bad times we've been through them all
you make me rise when i fall
Set the Fire to the Third Bar. It talks about tracing the map in a line to the place where you are. It makes me think of Bella in New Moon. I just imagine after Alice tells her Edward's in South America, looking at a map and longing to be with him.
A song that really reminded me of Twilight was Everything by Lifehouse.. the lyrics are awesome and to me are so Twilight :) here's just a part of it:

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my're everything.
Set the Fire to the Third Bar too
and um every piano solo song lol
* thinking of Edward *
um...well right now no

but im in love with the cupid shuffle dance

and maybe thinking of you could be one of them would sound good for new moon
Both of my songs are by Lifehouse//for Twilight:First Time..The next one,everytime that I hear it I think of New Moon..It's called "Broken"..I cry everytime that I hear it..What can I say,I'm a sap..LOL I also think Angel by Leona Lewis pretty much sums up how they feel
I don't really know.
Prayer by Hayley Westenra is so Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evanescence My Immortal
I think it is the saddest song I have ever heard and it goes with the heart wrenching Bella and Edward scene.
Omgoodness I will have to take Kleenex because I will cry my eyes out during New MOon


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