The Twilight Saga

Whether it be because you heard them while you read, or just because the lyrics remind you of Edward and Bella...

What songs remind you of Twilight?

For me (and this is totally weird) it's Kelsey by Metro Station. I first heard it around the time I read Twilight, and it reminds me of last summer (GREAT last summer). Other than the timeline, I don't know why. And it's pretty cool that the title is my name (only spelled differently).

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Omg, I will too!!!! And I LOOOOVE Evanescence. =)
Oh my goodness!I completely forgot about that song!They definately should put that on the New Moon soundtrack..It's perfect for it..I'm already planning on putting tissues in my purse..My dh&I will most likely go to the midnight showing because I'm taking the 20th off..I've already put in for my vacation day.LOL..and then I'll go again with the girls from work!We already have it all planned out..7 more months&counting.haha
Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.... and umm... sometimes untouched by the veronicas
My immortal , Thinking of you , come back to me , my life would suck without you , i'm still breathing
.for me, the song "thinking of you" by katy perry reminds me of twilight..and also the song by vanessa hudgens, the one entitled "afraid" and "say ok"..
A song that really reminds me of new moon is running away by midnight hour I kno this is for Twilight but just wanted to say it lol
RyanDan tears of an angel


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