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Hello everyone!!!

I am so dumb LOL... I totally forgot the link to Stephenie Meyers website!  So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the link is? Thanks!!!!!

btw... who is extremely excited about Breaking Dawn to come out?!



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This is the link!!

I am so excited to see Breaking Dawn!! It is my favorite book of the Saga, so I hope with them breaking into two movies they will be able to capture everything!!

Same here Rene

don't get me wrong... I like the movies but they missed a lot of vital important pieces in the movies.... they better NOT mess up Breaking Dawn!  LOL....  I think Eclipse is my favorite so far but my most favorite is Twilight (the first one, because it is a beginning).... and Eclipse because Edward is back in her life.... Breaking Dawn because she is finally happy as a vampire and their love shines....

I like New Moon, but not my favorite because Edward leaves LOL.  ;)

I agree with you, People that havent read the books and have only seen the movies just dont get the whole story. I wish they could go back and redo the Twilight movie. It really cut out alot!! I always tell people if they can, read the books it is soooo much better!! I gotta say  my list as follows:

1 Breaking Dawn, Beacuse it is the happy ending. Everyone is where they should be!!

2 Eclipse, Because Edward and Bella make it through alot in that book!! Plus she says YES!!

3 Twilight, Because it is the begining of the greatest love!!

4 New Moon, It was hard for me, it brought back alot of personal connection of losing the one you love!! I do like New Moon the Saga would not be complete with out it!! But It was hard for me to get through!!

Exactly!!!!  I think we all can connect with Twilight Saga because we all can identify emotions and all that.  I really do wish people would just read the books.  Heck, I watched the movies (1st and 2nd) before reading and after that I read the books I was HOOKED... LOL



I am indeed very excited,specially when i saw the thriller this morning...

whoahh...I was really jumping! -grins-

can't wait for it to come out!

and by the way...hope this helps;



Anyone who saw Breaking Dawn I would love to have your opinion!!!  What did you all think of it?!  I loved it!!!

I have seen it multiple times in the theatres and I loved it. I cant get enough. I am super excited about Breaking Dawn 2.


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