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"The Proposal" A Scene Analyses, From The Novel "Eclipse." What Do You Think Bella Swan and Edward Really Felt About His Proposal? And, "How Did You Feel As You Read the story Of Edward's Proposal?

"The Proposal" A Scene Analyses, From The Novel  "Eclipse."  What Do You Think Bella Swan Really Felt About Edward's Proposal? How Did Edward Feel About It? And, How Did It Make You Feel As You  Read the story Of Edward's Proposal? 


Introduction: The prelude to Edward's marriage proposal, to Bella Swan, starts on page 455 of the novel "Eclipse." It is one of the most emotionally charged scenes in the entire novel. Interestingly the emotions of the two protagonists, Bella and Edward, appear to be polar opposites. (Protagonists: The main characters in a story)



Bella, starts by explaining to Edward how she feels about the prospect of marrying him.  "I can't believe that I am going along with this!" And "Can you imagine what Angelina will think?... Ugh!"



Edward, Q: " It doesn't have to be a big production. You can wear an old pair of Jeans. We can go to Vegas!"
Bella thinks to herself, that she can demonstrate how little significance the ceremony holds for her, by even lowering Edward's proposed dress standards. She can just wear an old pair of sweat pants to the "ceremony." 



Edward, Q:  "Do you want to see IT!  (referring to the engagement ring, he desperately hopes Bella will accept) Edward adroitly gets THE TERRIFYING LITTLE BLACK BOX out of his night stand. The box which holds the physical object, that Edward treasures more than any other in the entire world. It is Elizabeth Mason's wedding ring. The same ring Edward's father had given his mother. The same ring which she had worn until the day that both she and Edward had died. The ring that was on her hand, as she desperately clung to Doctor Cullen's jacket, begging him to save her boy's life. 



Bella, Q:  "Edward's liquid topaz eyes were suddenly shinning with excitement. "NO!" Bella almost shouts at him. Edward dejectedly says "It can wait."
Then Bella finally relents and says "Show me the DAMNED ring, Edward."



Later after Bella had allowed him to slip the ring on her her hand. Ostensibly (ostensibly; appearing to be for one reason, when it may be for an entirely different reason ) so that he can see if the ring needs to be sized. Bella regrets that she had recently broken her right hand and not her left. For if she had been fortunate enough to have broken her left hand, her RING FINGER would have been too swollen for Edward to slip THE RING on. Bella then shows Edward her hand with Elizabeth's ring in the PLACE that Edward had "dreamed" that it would be, and stay for eternity. Bella, Q: "You like that don't you." Edward replies "YOU HAVE NO IDEA." (To Edward this is possibly the most exciting moment of his entire life.  



Edward then falls to one knee. Causing Bella to moan, "Oh NO!" As she wonders to herself if there will ever be an end to this nightmare.  



Edward says: "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?
A long list of alternative responses flash through Bella's mind. After deliberating over different options,she finally says,  yes!


"THANK YOU!" Edward says. Bella replies, Q  "He took my left hand and kissed each finger tip, before he kissed the ring THAT WAS NOW MINE!



  White Rose discussion question:

What do you think Bella Swan was really feeling durring this scene? How do you feel Edward felt about it? And, How did it make you feel as you read the story of Edward's proposal? 



   As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion. Yours, Doc



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What do you think Bella Swan was really feeling durring this scene? How do you feel Edward felt about it? And, How did it make you feel as you read the story of Edward's proposal?

I think Bella just wanted to be with Edward forever... just didn't expect that Edward would want marriage. She was afraid that her mother would put her down because Renee has drilled in her mind about how marriage should be for adults who are in their 30s and such.... She knew she wanted to be with Edward, just didn't think she would get married as a human.

I think Edward wanted to announce to everyone that Bella was HIS... and that he loves her and I think the ring implies alot of things. He wanted something from his past to be linked with Bella. I mean like his parents ring implies love for they got married and died *not exactly same time but still*...

When I read about them in the proposal scene, I felt happy but also understanding why Bella would be a little hard head about it. I mean I know what she meant by She is not the girl. I am not either but I do want to get married. She was afraid people would jump to conclusion that they are getting married because they were expecting not because they are in love. Alot of people judge people by actions or looks or whatever. They never stop to think "Oh she really loves Edward and Edward really loves Bella".... you know?

Sorry if it isn't wonderful comment like I usually have good input. :) I try.... :)
hey its the same way i felt when i read the proposal part
You did? Hmm interesting. :)
Dear Toni,
You have lots of great thoughts as always. But your opinion that "the ring" united Bella with every thing that Edward loved from the past is just wonderful. I hadn't really thought of that but once you do, you see how important it would be to him. And your thought that "Edward wanted to tell the world that Bella was his, is another great thought. He was Sooo excited. And since he came from an entirely different age the meaning of marriage is much different for him than it is today. Back in the "old days" it meant love, and commitment forever.He did learn his beautiful manners from watching his father show his mother the respect and love he felt for her. An example of how different their "cultures" were was when he felt bad that Bella hadn't waited for him to open her car door. To his father getting his mother's door was just one of many ways he said "I love you, and you are special. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Hi doc!
Wow, that's some analyse, but it make perfect sense!
When I first read this scene, I already know the answer to his proposal, it is a definite yes, and of course there might be some 'dramas' to it, but when I actually read it, I literally laughed my butts off. I am amused that Bella actually do care what others might think, and the way SM described Edward's expression, well, if I were to use my poor imagination, it turns out to be hillarious. But, overall, I would say this icould be a romantic scene too, only Edward's proposal is sort of weird to me.

Now, to answer your question. What Bella felt.
Honestly, she's a mixture of emotions here. As you mentioned before, she at first was embarassed, afraid of what people might think. And to me, she cares a lot of what her parents might think, obviously her mum didn't want her to repeat her mistakes. Yet, she do also feel some sort of desire and fulfillness when Edward proposed to her, isn't this her dream come true? To be with him forevere, just a little addition to their relationship. In a nutshell, her objective is clear, of course she would say yes, but don't know when. Unable to resist Edward's puppy face, she thought to herself, well, why not now? Despite the 'thoughts' of others on it though...

Edward's perspective
He is confident in Bella, but not of himself. He wanted to 'possess' her in anyway he can, and of course the best is through marriage. He has a weaker self-esteem in this relationship, always the one giving, but not foreseeking. And when he decided to propose, despite his confidence in Bella, he still have the doubt on whether would she accept, and if it is delayed any longer, he feared that she would change her mind. So, in this scene, I bet he is as nervous as Bella was, although both of them are absolutely sure of each other, that sort of doesn't make sense don't they?? Haha...

That's my opinion anyway. It's good to be back!:)
wits about 12 midnight when i read hat part & bella always loved edward more than anyone could love someone
bella just dosent want it to be celebrated ,pompusly
Rene is not at fault she got married &divorced & again married so its natural that she would say bella to be carefull
she would not want bella to suffer like her
on the other hand edward is desperate cause if he wont declare her as her wife there might be still a chance for jake
even edward wants to offically let every know that bella is only & only his not anyones else
so both at there on places r right
both think right i there own ways
Wow!!! That was one of my favorite chapters! And that scene....oh that scene....!

I think Bella was really nervous during this scene! It all started with a different purpose for her and ended differently. She seems to have an aversion towards the concept of marriage, but I think that's not the case. As her mother points out she never had a problem with committment which we can see in her relationship with Edward. They are together almost every hour of everyday! If you count out her living with her father, they are practically living together! She is completely committed and devoted to him as is Edward to her.

Bella has been raised to be independant. She was never the child in her relationship with her mother, she was the adult. She has been raised to have a carreer and not get married straight after highschool! That's why she is uncomfortable. She can imagine herself married so young which most modern women her age believe! Furthermore, I believe that her aversion to attention has something to do with her akwardnessin this scene. Being engaged would definitely do that. Basically, I think she is afraid something would change, if she married Edward! Maybe as a result of her parents' devorse. They were not that much younger than her, when they got married.

I'm sure Edward was little disappointed by Bella's reaction. He wanted nothing more than for Bella to marry him and she had a problem with the very idea of marriage! He knows that she loves him, but he is afraid that she doesn't love him enough to marry him. He would never say anything to her though, because he doesn't want to hurt her. For Edward, Bella is the one and he wants everyone to know that, but he is willing to keep it a secret, to respect Bella's wishes, because he cares more about what she wants, her happiness, than anything else!

When I read that scene I was happy beyond mesure!! It was what I was waiting for! Everything was so romantic and perfect! What every girl wants! I was a little frustrated with Bella's reaction though. I get her, I totally do, I just think that when the love of your life,someone who loves you as much as Edward loves Bella, proposes to you, you don't hesitate!! Some parts also made me laugh a little, but in general it was PERFECT!!

Tell me what you think!!
Nicely said Georgia!!! Wow that is exactly what I was trying to say in my post LOL. You said it better than I did. lol. I think I stumbled around alot trying to get my meaning across.

I totally agree. I know she has no problems with forever with Edward... just the marriage scares her silly. I have heard often that marriage does change relationships often so I am sure she thought that too. Hmmm maybe I got to rephrase my post but its too late LOL.
Thanks a lot Toni! No why would you do that! You said wonderfully yourself! "He wanted something from his past to be linked with Bella" I think that was just inspirational! And you are completely right! People these days jump to conclusions about everything! It's just so sad. We can't do anything without being judged for doing it for all the wrong reasons!
Thank you Georgia. You are too kind. :) I am a self critic to myself lol.
Trust me that's a good thing! It helps you improve! I try to do that to! I don't know if it works on me though!
lol yeah i hear you lol


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