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"The Proposal" A Scene Analyses, From The Novel "Eclipse." What Do You Think Bella Swan and Edward Really Felt About His Proposal? And, "How Did You Feel As You Read the story Of Edward's Proposal?

"The Proposal" A Scene Analyses, From The Novel  "Eclipse."  What Do You Think Bella Swan Really Felt About Edward's Proposal? How Did Edward Feel About It? And, How Did It Make You Feel As You  Read the story Of Edward's Proposal? 


Introduction: The prelude to Edward's marriage proposal, to Bella Swan, starts on page 455 of the novel "Eclipse." It is one of the most emotionally charged scenes in the entire novel. Interestingly the emotions of the two protagonists, Bella and Edward, appear to be polar opposites. (Protagonists: The main characters in a story)



Bella, starts by explaining to Edward how she feels about the prospect of marrying him.  "I can't believe that I am going along with this!" And "Can you imagine what Angelina will think?... Ugh!"



Edward, Q: " It doesn't have to be a big production. You can wear an old pair of Jeans. We can go to Vegas!"
Bella thinks to herself, that she can demonstrate how little significance the ceremony holds for her, by even lowering Edward's proposed dress standards. She can just wear an old pair of sweat pants to the "ceremony." 



Edward, Q:  "Do you want to see IT!  (referring to the engagement ring, he desperately hopes Bella will accept) Edward adroitly gets THE TERRIFYING LITTLE BLACK BOX out of his night stand. The box which holds the physical object, that Edward treasures more than any other in the entire world. It is Elizabeth Mason's wedding ring. The same ring Edward's father had given his mother. The same ring which she had worn until the day that both she and Edward had died. The ring that was on her hand, as she desperately clung to Doctor Cullen's jacket, begging him to save her boy's life. 



Bella, Q:  "Edward's liquid topaz eyes were suddenly shinning with excitement. "NO!" Bella almost shouts at him. Edward dejectedly says "It can wait."
Then Bella finally relents and says "Show me the DAMNED ring, Edward."



Later after Bella had allowed him to slip the ring on her her hand. Ostensibly (ostensibly; appearing to be for one reason, when it may be for an entirely different reason ) so that he can see if the ring needs to be sized. Bella regrets that she had recently broken her right hand and not her left. For if she had been fortunate enough to have broken her left hand, her RING FINGER would have been too swollen for Edward to slip THE RING on. Bella then shows Edward her hand with Elizabeth's ring in the PLACE that Edward had "dreamed" that it would be, and stay for eternity. Bella, Q: "You like that don't you." Edward replies "YOU HAVE NO IDEA." (To Edward this is possibly the most exciting moment of his entire life.  



Edward then falls to one knee. Causing Bella to moan, "Oh NO!" As she wonders to herself if there will ever be an end to this nightmare.  



Edward says: "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?
A long list of alternative responses flash through Bella's mind. After deliberating over different options,she finally says,  yes!


"THANK YOU!" Edward says. Bella replies, Q  "He took my left hand and kissed each finger tip, before he kissed the ring THAT WAS NOW MINE!



  White Rose discussion question:

What do you think Bella Swan was really feeling durring this scene? How do you feel Edward felt about it? And, How did it make you feel as you read the story of Edward's proposal? 



   As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion. Yours, Doc



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No worries there. :) Just take your time. I probably will post another one. lol.
Bella felt scard of what people where going to think, she has also been told all her life that marriage is for your later years not out of high school. but at the same time she was kind of happy too, she would have Edward forever. Now Edward was happy he was getting everything he wanted. To him it was a traditions he had waited for and never thought it would happend of a hundred years. I thought it was sweet but sad because it was a compermise to having sex. If it wasn't for Bella wanting to have sex I do know if she would of said yes. What do you think Doc?
:-C :-( I just felt sadness as well as anger at a time... I was Sad for Edward and Anger for Bella..
I cudn get her tht how cud any1 refuse to marry tht person to whom she surrendrd her life.. It ws just silly...
When Edward was saying the lines i cudn breath.. I was just amazed... (though i think he imotionally blackmaild her to make agreed"
In one line.. It was incredible breath taking imotional scene for me..
And, How did it make you feel as you read the story of Edward's proposal?
-- This is an extremely frustrating scene for me. I know it comes across that I hate Edward, and I really, really don't. However Bella has made the decision to put her foot down and demand sex from Edward (which is kind of funny) and at the same time it seems that Edward has decided to put his foot down and demand that she marry him (I think he planned to propose the whole time, otherwise why be all alone). This scene is such a little mini roller coaster ride. From the sadness when Bella feel rejected, the extreme high that Edward places the ring on her finger. I personally don't get his argument that he is worried about her "virtue", if he really believes that she won't have a soul after she becomes a vampire then it wouldn't matter. To me this proposal should be the climax of the entire series, and on some levels it is. But for some reason it feels tainted because I feel like they are both manipulating one another to get what they "really" want for themselves.

What do you think Bella Swan was really feeling durring this scene?
-- I just wanted to slap Bella. She annoys the crap out of me during this time. I understand that she has "issues" with getting married. But this is EDWARD CULLEN the love of her life. Each time I start to be "ah, that is so sweet" then Bella has to mumble, mumble, mumbled, or even worse say her thoughts out loud an then the sadness and disappointment from Edward is really hard to bare.

How do you feel Edward felt about it?
-- Edward is a harder one for me to read here. Why did he set this up for them to be "completely alone" if it weren't for sex? Most other nights he stays at her house and Charlie doesn't know that he is there, so in essence they have "privacy". I also understand that they needed to get Bella out of her house, but still I don't get why they needed to be completely alone. Edward already seemed excited and at ease, and so I feel that he knew that they were getting engaged that night (maybe from Alice, I don't know). So I am not sure if he was playing dumb when he didn't know what Bella was wanting (sex) or if that was part of the plan to get her to compromise. However you can't help but be happy for him when he gets out the box with his mother's ring and places that on Bella's finger. His joy is completely contagious and for the moment completely won my heart.
JJ i literaly sat with my mouth open right now. U know i never looked at it from this perspective where u say if bella was to become a vamp, what's the difference whether the they are intimate or not because edward belives they dont have souls. And i'm inclining to agree with u to an extent.

As 4 the slapping bella part im with u 100% and the way u put it, thats definitly an LMAO from me, from the slapping to the annoys the crap out of me.

The beauty of this website is for all of us to share what we love so much and thus gain new perspectives and see things through someone else's views where we would have not seen ourselves.
Layla, thank you. :) I absolutely love hearing everyone opinions. I have learned so much about these characters through other people. I try my best to write my own thoughts before I read others. And when I read yours I love how you focused on Edward's insecurities. Everyone knows that Bella has a low self esteem but I personally had not thought of Edward having that same issue. That was very insightful.
I love when he proposes to Bella. She seems nervous about the whole thing. I was happy that Edward proposes to Bella.
She's feeling a bit nervous the proposal shes seen what happen to her parents for marring at a young age and not able to make it work, also the things that her mother kept telling her about people who are responsible and smart do not get married young. So shes very scared and reluctant towards marriage and at the same time she wants Edward for ever which makes her wanting it more, because she loves him so much she wants it to be for ever. Edward is happy to know how she feels about it . He is very happy to propose because she is who he wants and he being old fashion is like he tells her that he is that boy, the one who when he finds the love of is life he will propose and marry the one who he will love for ever. But Edwards feelings on the proposal was happy just hearing her say yes made over joyed. I my self love the entire scene specialy of her being nervous and not knowing how to tell him her new compromise. Her surprise when he kneeled down also was great.
Dear Manuel,
I agree wit you about Edward's proposal. I think that Bella desperatly wanted Edward just as much as he did her. But she was ashamed about getting married so young. Thanks for sharing, Doc

Nicely said Sara!!!! :) I couldn't have said it better myself... I can't even remember what I wrote! lol
Dear Sara,
Your comments on Edward's proposal are just excellent. No one had brought up the possability that Edward would be removing Jacob from the competition. But you are exactly right. Excellent points. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

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