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Introduction: To adequately study Bella's wedding day, it is easiest to divide it into three parts. First: Her preparation and the ceremony. Second: Bella's time spent with Jacob. And third: The reception and the bride and groom's departure on their honeymoon.

Discussion: This is an open discussion. And you are invited to make observations on any events that occurred from the time Alice drives Bella to her new home at the Cullens, through her preparation, the wedding ceremony, and up until the start of the reception.
(ie What surprised you? What did you especially enjoy? What moved you the most? Was there anything that you were disappointed in?)

Doc B
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the part i liked the most is when renee gave bella the hair clip

Dear suhana,
That was beautiful. And I loved the way that Alice had already had Bella's hair styled so that they would just fit just perfectly. And that they were from both Charlie and Renee. Thank you for sharring with us, Doc

FYI: For those of you that might be interested. The Rose Group "Wedding dress for Bella" Contest discussion is at:

love those rings
My favorite part is when Bella and Charlie are walking down the isle and she cant focus until she sees Edward waiting for her.
Dear Twicrazy,
Yes isn'r that wonderful. And once she sees him she says: "Only Charlies hold on my are prevented me from running to him"

okay. I can't help but ask where did these photos come from? Did they already begin shooting for Breaking Dawn?
Once again, this is a great discussion, I definitely love this scene of all in BD.
I love the part where Bella was getting ready for the big day, especially Alice's quote of 'take care of my raw material' and when Bella was so nervous of walking down the aisle, afraid that she might trip and foremost, looking plain next to Edward. It was sort of funny.

To be honest, I don't find anything that surprising, I could basically expect what would happen next, but I guess the part where Rosalie offered her help to do Bella's hair was one surprising element of the wedding scene, (and also the part where Edward swallowed the cake forcefully, although that is more to hillarious), haha...

Well, I am quite dissapointed in Jacob when he got angry and to Bella for not able to keep things to herself. Jacob shouldn't ruin this day for her, and as for Bella, she shouldn't tell Jacob anything about her honeymoon plans, considering that she hurt him enough by marrying Edward, so I was hoping more of their reactions, but I guess that that is just what made the story more interesting:)

Dear Natshane,
N "great discussion" Doc " Thank you for your kind compliment. I love this scene too.
N "looking plain next to Edward. Doc "AS IF ALICE WOULD EVER LET HER SISTER LOOK PLAIN, ON HER WEDDING DAY Bella at the reception "I looked at our reflection and was stunned to see a beautiful woman standing next to Edward. (Paraphrased . as always)
N "I don't find anything that surprising," Doc ' me either but I just love Bella's quote "As Charlie put my hand into Edward's, my upside down world suddenly straightened up"
N "Edward swallowed the cake " Doc. " ANYTHING for his Bella. It would be the equivalent of one of us drinking blood UGGH!
N "she shouldn't tell Jacob anything about her honeymoon plans" Doc I agree but we are going to go into that in detail in another discussion.
N I definitely love this scene Doc I do too. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc B

Counterpoint question open to all members to answer:
Question: Poor Bella was so miserable until she saw her Edward. Were you surprised that Alice didn't have Jasper help settle her down. Or do you think that Alice felt that she shouldn't take any of the real experience of getting married away from Bella?

Counterpoint question can be found at :

I wasnt surprised that Alice did not ask Jasper to come and calm Bella, threatening it was enough for her i think. Alice knows Bella and knows she would hate being not in control of her out of controlness if that makes sense, and i think that Alice wants Bella to experienceher day because all brides are nervous and it as normal behaviour and to take that away from Bella would be unfair and also she probably knew as soon as Bella was downstairs she'd be fine, it wa just last minute nerves and Alice was right not to involve Jasper..


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