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I want to know what your favorite wedding dresses are, that you think they should consider for Breaking Dawn. Or what you pictured when you read the book.

Find me lots of pictures!

Oh, and the brides maid dress for Alice too.

I thought I should pick a long & a short, cause you never know with Alice.

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I pictured this one when I read the book.

But I hope they use something similar to these in the movie.

I've always thought it would be more traditional - based on Bella's thoughts of the period in which Edward grew up. These sorts of styles:

Luckily Stephenie will be more involved in this movie so hopefully we'll get the dress she pictured when she was writing!
What kind of bridesmaid dress do you think Alice would pick?
That's sounds very pretty.
We should apply for the costume consultants on set. LOL

I think I like this one the best.
I really like this one is, true to the time and very pretty.
I believe this is actually the dress that Stephenie has said is closest to the one she had in mind when she wrote the description. She actually had a picture of one on her computer, but then lost the photo when her computer crashed and this was the closest she could come to the original? Something to that effect.

At any rate, it's the dress I always picture when I read BD. I believe there would be a satin skirt or petticoats under the sheer skirt, and that would add volume and allow the train to trail better.
I think it's really gorgeous.
I think the second one is the kind of dress that Alice would prefer to wear for the wedding. I'd done a little research on the wedding dress for Bella as well awhile back. And I liked this one the most.

That very beautiful. I love the lace sleeves. I could see Bella in that.


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