The Twilight Saga

have you every had any twilight related dreams well this where if you want to you can tell us about it but keep it pg13

one i had last night was where rpattz aka edward gave me and a friend the signature pea coat he wears i dont rember her name, but we are sharing the coat and i use it first but next part of the dream i remember was i was sitting at a desk and i asked him if he was cold and he says no and rubs my back with his hand and while does that my head is against his shoulder.

well thats my dream or rather what i remember from it

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I also had a couple of Twilight dreams - actually, I have a lot of Twilight-dreams. Almost all the time! :-)
Even during lessons I start drifting off and dream about having an Edward of myself...
I have a BF, he's great but Edward is just so... Just a dream, can't think of another word to describe him :-)

One of my dreams was that I was in my room, sleeping with my window open. And I had a chill and suddenly I woke up and looked to my desk. There he was, sitting on my desk, watching me sleep.
When I want to ask what's going on, he just hushes me and says: I've come to see you dream.

Then I can't really remember what happens but just remembering that dream, I get chills accross my spine again :-)


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