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"Twilight" FLASH BACKS of Edward and Bella were included in "New Moon" Says: Director Weitz! Which Scenes from "Twilight" would you like to see more of, or have included in "New Moon?"

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"Twilight" FLASH BACKS of Edward and Bella were included in "New Moon" Says: Director Weitz! Which Scenes from "Twilight" would you like to see more of, or have included in "New Moon?"

Introduction: This month People magazine ran a special edition dedicated to the movie "New Moon." In that edition, and in a follow up interview, Director Weitz says that: "To keep Edward's presence even more alive for the audience, AS WELL AS Bella's visions, we included freshly shot flash backs of Bella and Edward, from the original novel "Twilight." And we edited the flash backs into the movie "New Moon."

Question: Which scenes from the novel "Twilight" would you like to see in more detail than was originaly shown in the movie "Twilight." Or which scenes from the book, which were not shown in the original movie "Twilight" would you like to see included as a flash back ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."
Most sincerely,
Doc B

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ok, i can't answer that since new moon isn't out yet. 11/20th!! haven't seen the film?? can't honestly answer it??
So Close and yet so far.
Thanks Doc
Dear Nafsi,
What a great post. As usual.
1. Runs into his arms YES YES YES
2.With Alice and Jasper YES
3. Biology class SOOO true.

And DOOOOO the Meadow scene right!!!!!!

My opinion is less time spent on taking field trips discussing the critical importance of "Global warming" and more time Kissing and discussing their love for each other. But then I am a romantic.

Thanks for your help,
i agree. especially the biology scene which was always one of my favorites. i feel it should be included in the movie. and the meadow scene definately needs to be done right, because if jake and bella are gonna go looking for it, it she be in the right place, and not so creepy!!
and also the fact that there is no love in twilight should be changed. they should show more compassion and kiss more and talk less about dumb stuff!
In the book twilight, there was something about the unexpected intimacy and conclusions during biology as Edward and Bella sat in the dark paying attention to their newley found feelings and insecurites towards each other instead of the movie that was played during class. It was one of the greatest moments in twilight and midnight sun, (yes, I read it, you could say I was forced, but still I am guilty). I would love to see that portrayed as a flashback in any of the twilight movies, to reiterate just how stong those emotions and connections were.
is it possible for the entire twilight movie to be seen in flashback in the new moon?lol..jst asking...wish it could be possible then the movie would run for more than four (4) hours.
ok now, the scenes in the twilight movie which i'd like to see in flashback in new moon are:
* the scene in the registrar where edward tried to transfer to another class schedule
* the first visit of bella to edward's house
* bella and edward's first kiss
* the prom dance, of course
...but then i hope the flashbacks won't shorten the new scenes
for those in the twilight book, i'd like to see the scene where edward and bella were watching a movie in their class and they realized the intensity of their feelings for each other and the first time that edward visited bella in her room.
Dear Tina,
YES what a wonderful moment!! It was a love story about two people who had never beeen in love before I agree with you IT IS CRITICAL TO EXPOSE THE BEAUTY OF FIRST LOVE!!
Thanks for your help ,
Yes Kk,
That would be a great moment.Neither one of them could keep from looking at the other. It would be nice to point that out.
Thanks for your help Doc
their scene in the meadow
I agree. Not having a fully demonstrated meadow scene, is kind of like having Mobey D*** and leaving the whale out.
Thanks for your help,
good comparison.
Hi doc

Flash backs.. so many

Ok, first time he walks in the the cafeteria she could see him and then he disappears,
Him looking across the parking lot from the car.
First kiss
Maybe when she goes with Jessica to Port Angelas, they could go past where the car turned up or the restruant
When in the meadow seeing them lying there, or looking up at the trees and seeing them sat in it.
Then some how, him turning u at the studio and they look at one another..

I think all these things can be tied in to other parts, i saw a picture on the net that looks like they do the dream sequence at the beginning so that will be interesting...

Gem xx


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