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"Twilight Saga" Photo Study. Post Your Favorite "Twilight Saga" Photos Here. And Then Tell Us, WHAT IT IS ABOUT THEM, That You Particularly Like. Or What "Twi-Message" You Feel They Convey.

Introduction: "A picture is worth a thousand words," is an old but very true statement. It is hard to love the "Twilight Saga," and not come to love "Twi-photos" as well. But the purpose of this discussion is to take us a step deeper in our understanding. It's to learn exactly what it is about our favorite "Twi-photos" that makes them so special to us. 
Example No. 1, Photo above: To me there is no photo, which better demonstrates just how close Robert and Kristen have grown. 
Example No. 2, Photo below: To me this photo below demonstrates, just how good 'Twi Artists' have become at photo shopping "Twi-Photos."



White Rose discussion of the day: Post one or more of your favorite "Twi-photos" and then explain what they mean to you. Or how they make you feel. And yes: "Just because I like it," or "It makes me happy!" ARE perfectly good answers (As a matter of fact, they may be some of the best)  Also coment on one or more of the photos that our other members have posted.

Example No. 3, Photo above: To me, this photo perfectly captures the "Saga's" message. And that is: That the gift of love can heal those around us. And that AS IT DOES it can also heal each of us in return. 

   As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinions. Yours, Doc B

Example No. 4, Photo Below: To me this photo best symbolizes the fact, that heroes can come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. What makes them heroic is not WHO they are, but WHAT they choose to do with their lives.


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I love this photo, because this was the MOMENT, That Edward declared to the world that he and Bella were a couple.
Yes it's great! He seems very proud of her! How beautiful they are together! ;-)

To me Bell's face in this photo shows feelings that she might not even be aware of yet.

There is something about this photo which just makes me happy.
Dear Mina, What wonderful pictures. I agree the look on Edward's face is just spectacular. It says I just adore you. I love the moment when Alice says "Look at her isn't she just dazzling beautiful now? And Edward replies; "She has always been dazzlingly beautiful. To me that is what your picture is saying. And look at the way your photo of Edward just says "I am crazy about you too? Thank you for sharing, Doc

If Vampires can choose to live noble ("high moral") lives, each of us can too.

I personally found this picture of Rob hilarious. His facial expression shows a less serious side to him.


I thought this picture captured the essence of Breaking Dawn because I photoshopped it myself and it's my default pic
Dear KB,
That picture of Edward is wonderful. I realy did laugh out loud when I read the inscription. And YOU MADE the lower picture. Clever girl!! All that I have ever been able to do is remove something. Thanks for the great pics Doc
This is one of my favorite pictures of Kristen because she just looks so incredibly peaceful.

I can't find my favorite Jacob/Bella picture, but this one is very close to it. The one I like better has Bella with a little smirk on her face.

However while I was searching I did come across a good substitute. It is not actually a movie still, but it is clearly from the set because of their clothes. It just screams Jacob and Bella to me and represents their friendship and comfort around each other.

Normally it is very important for me to have Bella be Bella (and not Kristen) same for any of the characters. So I know this picture is actually Kristen and Taylor as themselves. But I love that he is carrying her and I feel it represents Jacob and Bella. I feel that Jacob carries Bella for most of NM, not physically but emotionally. She is broken it is Jacob who holds her back together

Jacob carrying Bella in "New Moon" what a wonderful analogy!! And don't you just love the looks on their faces in all of your pics. How Great!! Thank you for sharing Doc

There is also a great picture of Bella snugleling up in Edwards arms on a plane, that reminds me of their re-uniting as they returned from Italy. I wish that the movie had, had just a couple more minutes of that beautiful time. Doc


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