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I got the Twilight movie 3 disc additon!!! What about you??

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where u get 3 disc ? iseen 2 but not 3
me too i have'nt seen the two disc but not the 3 disc.
you can get the 3 disc dvd at Target. That is the only place that i know has it. I got mine today.
OH YEAH!!! Oh yeah so did I!!!
i got the two-disc special edition 2day!!! i've watched it three times already!!!! i love it!
i pre-ordered mine at target but i dont think it will be delivered until wednesday :(
whats on the 3 disk thats not on the two?
I only bought the 1 disk. I preordered it before I knew about the 3 disk set from Target. It was shipped out on Thursday to arrive today. I have been watching the tracking number for 3 days. About 2 pm today I still hadn't recieved it and I called fedex. they don't like me now. The stupid truck driver, didn't pay attention to the address and took it to someone else's house at 9:19am this morning, I was fuming to say the least. But he went back to the house and hand delievered it to me at 2:30. Going to wait to watch it when everyone is alseep.
I preordered mine as well. I think it will be here Tuesday.
i preordered mines tooo.!
but today as a suprise from my grandma, i got the 3disc addition!
how awesome right?! :D
Please can someone tell me what other features does the 3 disc have that the 2 disc does not have??:)
it has a bunch of interviews from hardwicke, rob pattinson, and kristen stewart. it also comes with a digital version for your iPod (i believe, maybe that was just the bluray ones) and it comes with a music video for bella's lullaby, and a few others i cannot remember.


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