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U-tube "Twilight" Analyses. What information did you learn from studying These Twi-tubes ?

Introduction: The object of this exercise is to actually get to know and learn more about any and all people, and things that are "Twilight Saga" related. You are to analyze the posted u-tubes (mini movies) that cover "Twilight Saga" topics, and tell us what you feel that you have learned either about the interviewee or the "Twilight Saga."

Many of our discussions have been helped immensely, from information that we have learned through studying U-tubes. For example: Stephanie Meyer's explanation that the Saga is an analyses of how (Bella's) love impacts those around her. Or : Kristen's explanation of why, during the auditions, Robert Pattison  seemed to personify Edward Cullen.


      Choose one or more of the url's to a U-tube, or the embedded u-tubes below, and tell us something that you learned about the  "Twilight Saga" or people related to it.

       Optional extra credit exercise; Either add a url (email-address) or a "Twilight Saga" related u-tube to the discussion 

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinions. Yours, Doc B.


I am enclosing the trailer from Kristen's movie "The Cake Eaters." It was a very tough role for a young actress to attack. It is the story of a young girl suffering from a progressive neurological disease, which she knows, will eventually kill her. In the trailer, Kristen realises that she will soon be confined to a wheel chair. And she wants to experience "being with a man" before she is wheel chair bound. (de ja' vue, Compromises ? chapter 20 Eclipse?) She does an excellent job of incorporating the spasmodic twitching caused by muscular dystrophy. And for the first time we get to "meet" the character Kristen is later going to mold into "Bella Swan."(A proto-Bella, "Kiss Me") You can almost feel Bella emerging, like a butterfly from her cocoon or chrysalis, right in front of your eyes. Who ever cast her in such a tough role, must have a great deal of respect for her skills even at her young age.  lolRB
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Robert is obviously at ease, and he takes the lead. His ability to repeatedly make witicisms (ironic jokes) demonstrates how sharp he is. There does seem to be that there is a significant intimacy between Edward and Kristen. Edward feels confident enough about his "friendship" with Kristen to even tease her and say that she accuses him of having a terrible accent.(and then he looks at her and immediatly laughs implying that his accusation is a joke) Kristen immediatly corrects by saying that she has only corrected him about a few words he pronounces. Like wise Kristen demonstrates a comfort and intimacy with Edward, by answering the question Oprah directed at Robert. "What other words are hard for you. "Pasta answers, Kristen." This section doesn't show Edward announcing to the world that Kristen is pregnant. That, to me, shows a very high degree of intimacy. (Most non pregant women would not appreciate it if a friend told 50 million people that she was pregnant.) So why did he do it? I am not certain. In previous interviews I have noticed a tendency by Kristen to touch or caress Robert. The only touching here was in answer to his request for a pat on the back.
First off I am just embedding your clip.

Now for my assessment, I will assess first and then read your comment because I don't want your comments to taint my own comments.
-- For starters with Oprah, I do not think that she is used to having her "guest" get a larger response then she gets. So I felt that Oprah was a little offended by the audiences reaction to Rob, Kristen, and Taylor coming on stage. However Rob, Kristen, and Taylor also looked sort of embarrassed.
-- I hate the way Ophrah says "phenomenon"
-- I think that Taylor has a problem with just stating the obvious and not really adding a lot of "new" information to the subject. (This is a pattern that I have seen throughout several interviews)
-- I really think this was one of Rob's better interviews. He seemed a lot more relaxed. I think it is great that he can't wrap his head around the excitement, but I also sort of feel that he has not done near as many promotional stuff as Taylor and Kristen, so maybe he is not "exposed" to the craziness quite as much as the others.
-- I think it was great that Kristen took the initiative to speak. This was not a direct question to Kristen, however she felt like she had something to add, and so therefore she spoke. Fantastic.
-- To me I have not felt that Kristen has been shy, however when she calls herself "nervous" that does seem to be a much better description of what she represents. I thought it was a nice idea for Oprah to come and give her a hug, but I also thought it was really unnecessary. Kristen was doing fine. It was after this "reassuring" hug that she starts stammering and loosing her train of thought.
- It was nice of Oprah to say that we want Kristen to be "herself" and there is an element of truth there, but also not true. There are limits and I don't really think that Kristen wants us to know her "true" self. That is private and really none of our business.
-- However I think that it is great that Kristen does take this opportunity to be so honest about herself. To admit how important "Bella" is to her. And how she, herself, can relate so much to Bella's experience. It makes Kristen seem more like a "normal girl".
-- Oprah does do a nice transition from Kristen/Bella to Rob/Edward. Bringing up the way that Rob speaks as himself vs as for Edward.
-- It is nice to see the spontaneous interaction between Rob and Kristen. You can tell from this they have a very honest relationship. You don't usually mention the way someone speaks unless you know them well. I will say that I never in a million years would have thought that Rob would want to be a rapper. And just the way he says that word is hilarious. Rob is easily able to laugh at himself, and is clearly embarrassed, but does not seem to be at all ashamed, which is wonderful. Something that just seems ironic is how he is saying all these words that once you get them in American you are good to go, but he remains in his British voice the whole time. I would have thought he would have changed over to American and British and go back and forth during the time he is giving examples.
-- Rob seemed embarrassed to be named most influential, however doesn't say anything, and we don't see his face when she talked about him being most beautiful. Interesting that it took a direct question for him to say anything. And he used humor as his response (very typical Rob).
-- That was sweet of Kristen to be the one who pats him on the back. :)
-- Interesting that Rob bring up something that Taylor said (by this point you could easily have forgotten that Taylor was even there, except for hearing him laugh in the back ground). Rob is really a very funny person, which you can see over and over throughout the interview. I personally don't know what to take of his Obama comment, it was a little confusing.
-- Taylor does not say or do much, as I mention it is clear that he has a good sense of humor because he laughs often, and seems to always have a smile when he is in the picture. He is not real "witty" and does not seem to say a lot unless directly asked.
Comments to Doc
I don't have much to add on your comments. I found it weird that you would call Rob, Edward, but that just surprised me about you, but does not really change your evaluation (I can figure out who you are talking about.) As for Kristen touching Rob, I personally have not noticed that pattern. However I have noticed, that Kristen keeps her hands to herself a lot more than she used to. I have been watching the interviews with Kristen and Taylor while they are in Sydney right now, and though they are sitting close neither of them ever touch each other. I wonder if Kristen is starting to get more comfortable with the interview processes and doesn't need the physical interaction that she used to seem to need.
Dear JJ,
Thanks for embedding the clip. (How do you do that?)
I find your observation about Oprah interesting. I had a similar feeling. It must be "off putting" for her, considering that she is thought of as one of the world's most influential people. But it was the Twilight stars who the audience went crazy for that day. I studied a few of the early u-tubes, the ones that came out during the Twilight movie period. But I haven't kept up with them. Your mentioning that ( in the older interviews) Kristen could have been touching Rob to help her with her anxiety, is very insightful. If you watched Rob and Kristen performances at the Bafta awards you get a sense that public appearances can be stressful for her.

(The great Johny Carson, said that for 30 years he felt like he was going to vomit every times the cameras came on. And Stephanie said that she had a similar sensation when she started dong interviews. And I was also glad that Kristen took the lead a couple of times. Her interview with Jacob in Australia was the most relaxed that I remember seeing her.

I felt that it seemed patronizing for Oprah to bring up Kristen's nerves and, then to have her get up and give her a hug. As you pointed out it only made her more uncomfortable. Every talk host knows that you never point out someone's stutter or nervousness. Maybe it was just Oprah's way of re-establishing her dominance. When Oprah finisher everyone in the worls knew that Kristen had a problem, Which I don't think that she really has. I think that Kristen's "problem" is that her mind is able to thinks about multiple topics simultaneously. It is called idiophoria. I have a touch of it my self. Before she can express an opinion, her mind has already moved on to one or more other topics. As you noticed I referred to Robert Pattison as Edward. Edward of course is the character Robert plays in the Saga movies.

Robert's ability to laugh at himself, I feel, comes from a strong ego and his joy of living. Ronald Regan, and Abraham Lincoln constantly used self deprecating humor. Abe would say it allows me to make fun and not hurt anyone's feelings.
Your point about his returning to his English accent is insightful. I remember an interview with the Australian actor who plays Sookie Stackhouses brother on "True Blood. His Australian accent is so strong it was hard to believe that he so convincingly play the role of someone from Louisiana.

If you listen closely to Rob's Obama comment, you hear that it was meant as a joke about himself. He says something like "It's understandable that I am more influential than Obama. Then under his breadth to show that he was joking. he says 'What a sick joke that is" Or the entire thought that I am as influential as Obama is a sick joke.
Later in the interview Kristen sums it up when she says to Oprah "Rob loves to say these outrageous things. Yours, Doc\

1 Kristan's acceptance speech at the Baft awards.
2. Edward's presentation at the Baftas
3. Kristen and Taylor's Australian interview.
First off how to embed.

I first learned how to do that about a month ago from this web site so I am not very far ahead of you in that department. When you look at any youtube video there is a line, that says Like - Save to - Share - Embed. Click on the "embed" and a little screen will pop down with a bunch of text highlighted. Copy the highlighted text. Then when you are on the website paste what you copied in (similar to how you copy and paste a link in). It should start with "object. . . "
(I only know how to do this with youtube videos, others like your vanity fair that you linked, I don't know how to do that)

I get what you are saying about Kristen. I don't feel like she is shy, but more has "stage fright". Shy people are generally shy, no matter who they are with (unless they are extremely close to that person) but Kristen is able to relax. I don't think that Oprah meant to patronize Kristen (even though that is what happened) but was trying to give Kristen a way to explain herself. I think that Kristen gets the most "bad press" then Rob or Taylor. Taylor because he doesn't do anything "bad", and Rob because you just blame it on his bad sense of humor. But with Kristen it comes across as being rude, and a personality "flaw". Overall I think it was a success and Kristen was able to "explain" herself to a huge audience, without having to repeat herself over and over again. Kristen is very smart to pick her words carefully, but she might just be a little bit overly cautious and she needs to give herself a break.

Sorry to point out the whole Rob/Edward thing, didn't mean to patronize you (haha).
Dear JJ, Thanks for the Embed advice.
You make excellent points about Kristen. To me it seemed that Kristen was more relaxed at the Baftas when Rob joined her.
Yours, Doc

Dear JJ,
I was just thinking about your observation. "That Kristen might be using Robert as a "touch stone." (a touch stone is a small stone, that men or women carry. The owner feels that the stone holds some mystical or religious power. Muslims and some Christians still carry prayer beads, which fill the same role. Well the key to a touch stone is that when you touch it, it relaxes and strengthens you.

I had noticed in early "Twilight" interviews that Kristen seemed to (touch or caress) Robert while they were being interviewed. And from that, I presumed that she was attracted to him romantically. But thanks to your observation, I could have been dead wrong. Just look at Kristen's face when she is standing alone at the Baftas. Then compare it to her face when Robert is standing next to her. By herself she looks insecure and introverted.(And acts the same) BUT when Robert is standing by her side she is litteraly beaming with pleasure and confidence. (I call it the reverse Bella effect) The time diference between the two Kristens can't be more than 30 minutes. Exact same crowd. Exact same setting, BUT she looks like an entirely different woman. So you could be exactly right. If she was "periodically touching" him it could have simply been a technique to relax. Would that type of touching imply a romantic attraction. I don't think that it necessarily would. Remember the comment that the actress who plays Rosemary, in the "The Girls of Twilight Shoot." She said "Peter is our father figure, on and off the set." In a similar way Robert could be a big brother, or powerful friend figure to Kristen. And if so, his effect on her (could or could not) have any "romantic" implications at all.

Thank you for bringing up that EXCELLENT observation. Just another super thought of yours.
Yours, Doc
Doc, I like your "touch stone" example, and that is how I feel that Kristen interacts with the people that she is near. I have said before that I use Kristen's interaction with Taylor as a barometer to measure how she interacts with people. Because I do not believe there is a romantic relationship, only friendship, so I use that interaction as a way to compare how she interacts with Rob with how she interacts with Taylor. I personally don't see a difference. To me there is a classic (touch stone) moment that happens in this clip that I will show. It is about a minute into it and she seems to get a little embarrassed and loops her arm through Taylor's arm. Then after a min. she is relaxed again and lets go. I also find it interesting that Taylor does not even seem to notice. It doesn't come across as "odd" that she is touching him to either one of them.

Dear JJ,
You said "I have said before that I use Kristen's interaction with Taylor as a barometer to measure how she interacts with people." YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD. What a sharp technique. You say " I personally don't see a difference." Doc, Q "Very interesting."
You say she "lets go" of Taylor's arm once she is at ease. I am typing your response as I read your post. So I am looking forward to seeing your vid. Which I will just now.
Yours, Doc
Thanks JJ

Applauds, applauds, Good Job Doc!!
Thank you JJ.
Isn't it refreshing to see someone like Stephanie delight in not worring about beeing cool!! (So Bella)
Yours, Doc


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