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U-tube "Twilight" Analyses. What information did you learn from studying These Twi-tubes ?

Introduction: The object of this exercise is to actually get to know and learn more about any and all people, and things that are "Twilight Saga" related. You are to analyze the posted u-tubes (mini movies) that cover "Twilight Saga" topics, and tell us what you feel that you have learned either about the interviewee or the "Twilight Saga."

Many of our discussions have been helped immensely, from information that we have learned through studying U-tubes. For example: Stephanie Meyer's explanation that the Saga is an analyses of how (Bella's) love impacts those around her. Or : Kristen's explanation of why, during the auditions, Robert Pattison  seemed to personify Edward Cullen.


      Choose one or more of the url's to a U-tube, or the embedded u-tubes below, and tell us something that you learned about the  "Twilight Saga" or people related to it.

       Optional extra credit exercise; Either add a url (email-address) or a "Twilight Saga" related u-tube to the discussion 

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinions. Yours, Doc B.


I am enclosing the trailer from Kristen's movie "The Cake Eaters." It was a very tough role for a young actress to attack. It is the story of a young girl suffering from a progressive neurological disease, which she knows, will eventually kill her. In the trailer, Kristen realises that she will soon be confined to a wheel chair. And she wants to experience "being with a man" before she is wheel chair bound. (de ja' vue, Compromises ? chapter 20 Eclipse?) She does an excellent job of incorporating the spasmodic twitching caused by muscular dystrophy. And for the first time we get to "meet" the character Kristen is later going to mold into "Bella Swan."(A proto-Bella, "Kiss Me") You can almost feel Bella emerging, like a butterfly from her cocoon or chrysalis, right in front of your eyes. Who ever cast her in such a tough role, must have a great deal of respect for her skills even at her young age.  lolRB
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That was a great interview. I personally did not know much about Stephanie ( I knew she was Mormon, Twilight started from a dream, and that she loves to read). I found it interesting her general lack of vampire interest. It sort of make me feel sorry for her because her life is so wrapped up in vampires, and the way her face looked she didn't seem really happy about that. I also found it interesting how the characters are "real" to her. There are so many fans that speak about the characters like they are real, and it would be good for them to know that is how it is for Stephanie.
Dear Doc,
Have you ever noticed that so many of the rose discussions have centered on dissecting the characters (bella's feelings, edward's monster, edward's motives for inviting jake, jake's motives) or a single meaningful scene between two or three characters (the meadow, the proposal, compromise, the tent, the jacob kisses, bella's goodbye to jake, edward's goodbye to bella, the wedding, the honeymoon, the "burning man" scenes between jake and edward)?

Why is that? I've always believed it's because the appeal of these books is the characters, their motives, and the things that make each character who they are. Which is quite funny to me in one sense, because I viewed this interview after the latter (on which I've already commented) and the same thing comes through in both interviews. Stephenie is a character writer (not a plot-driven story teller) and she feels emphatically that there is a depth of emotion and motive and a complexity about her characters that not only appeals to her, but appeals to the masses.

How interesting that she feels most protective (during the editing process) of her characters. Change a scene, cut an entire story thread--sure, no problem!!! But ask her to make one of her characters do something out of character--umm, no way! They are who they are, as she says! But they are who they are because Stephenie has taken the time to create characters who have real complexity and purpose--characters who have examined their own existence--Carlisle, for instance, with his inherent need to be good! Would Stephenie ever allow Carlisle to do something out of character? No. He is who he is!

I think this is why so many of us are so fascinated with the books. Bella, Edward, Jake, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Leah, Rosalie, Aro--all of these characters have clearly defined personalities and motives. So I think that Stephenie is right on target when she speculates about what makes her books so popular. How interesting that she's only figuring that out after the fact! She gives her characters so many layers, so much complexity! It almost feels as though she set out to write the books with that type of character development as a specific goal, yet it was all so subconscious! (green with envy here!)

I grew up reading many of the same books she mentions--Austen, Alcott, and the fantasy authors like Brooks and McCaffrey. I started with Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, and progressed quickly to Tolkein, Kurtz, Kay, Lackey, Charles deLint, and too many others to name. So that was interesting to me as well.

Another fascinating bit to me is her distinction between Bella and other young literary heroines. As she says, Bella has no special gifts or talents--or does she? I'm not entirely sure that Stephenie has hit the mark on that. What do you think, does Bella have any special talents as a human that make her unique? What aspects of the "chosen" character type that Stephenie describes are present in Bella, if any? Is Bella simply a normal girl or is she something else?

The Audio doesn't start until the middle of this Video

Taylor and Kristen's Visit to South Korea. Was interesting simply because to me it demonstrates how "The Twilight Saga' has become a part of the entire world's culture. I am always pleased to see how many TTSD members we have from Main-land China. Not because they aren't a gifted wonderful people. But because Stephanie's Saga is so related to concepts of Christian love. And China prohibited the expression of that religion for decades. BUT as Stephanie has taught us. Love is the world's universal bond.

The political question that Kristian was alluding to was, was North Korea going to follow through on their threat of having their armies invade South Korea. Which could have messed up Kristen and Taylor's press tour.

Now for the important stuff (Remember I am a plastic surgeon)
Yes. I thought that Kristen's short skirt looked great. And no I didn't think that it was too short. She is a beautiful young woman and there are only a few years in a girl/woman's life when she can pull off wearing that dress length. Yours, Doc
I wanted to say that I think that Kristen is doing an amazing job during her interviews this past week. She has not seemed near as nervous. I'm not sure if she is just better prepared because this is the third movie or if she actually got some kind of interview coach (or whatever).

I honest had a very similar thought when I learned that they were going to Korea. Because China can be very closed off, but I thought it was wonderful that they went.

I am not sure if whomever made the video didn't include things that Taylor said, or if he was really that quiet. Normally he sort of takes the lead in the "thanking the fans", etc, etc, and so I was really please to see Kristen be so appreciative. I thought it was sweet that Taylor helped her walk down the stairs at the end, he seems to be more considerate of women in their "high heals".
Dear JJ,
I was proud of Kristen too. Kristen and Taylors "Saga promo" tour. Has turned into a world "love tour." About Kristen's improvement in public speaking; Years ago in a moment of dubious wisdom the students at my college elected me as the President of the College's Student Body. It was my idea for the student's to raise enough money to build a new library for the college. Any way the college supported my giving from 3 to 5 speaches each week, all over the state on my summer "off." And I discovered that it really does become easier to give public speaches the more you give.
Yours, Doc
Yours, Doc
That is very true with public speaking, it does get easier with practice. But interesting that it is a fear that supposedly EVERYONE has. I find it weird that there is just something in all our "guts" that tell is to be afraid when we start to speak.
I think you are right. PUBLIC speaking means we must expose ourselfs to unknown people. And that by definition is scarry to normal humans, because it involves the risk of rejection. I think that Kristen has the "mental tic that she and I have talked about" So for her it is much tougher.
Yours Doc
Hey Doc, your video got pulled so I am adding another one from their time in Sydney.

I find it interesting the difference that a year makes. Here is another video where someone pulls out one of the action figures for Taylor. He has a completely different reaction. He is so much more embarrassed. I would have thought he would be more embarrassed having Kristen with him. But I get the feeling that they have sort of "seen it all" by now and it would be hard to really catch them by surprise.

Videos Sydney

Previous doll interview 

South Korea video - skip to 1:30

I did want to mention also what i said be4 about them being on the same page and talking in codes. Like with the last tango in paris statement. There appears to be a hidden something there which i for 1 think is nice considering the media thinks they own them and that they have no right to privacy. This doesnt imply that i think they are a couple though.


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