The Twilight Saga

what do you guy's think about this movie

please comment


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It does look completely cheap and stupid, but I think I will see it , not in the theater (it's not going to be in there for long anyway). So many people have criticized the Twilight Saga to me without even reading or watching it so I think that if it's all a joke i think it will be funny. Nothing going to change my opinion on any of the book/characters or movies. and I think they've made a lot more stupid movies than this one!
I do think it's just supposed to be funny, not rude/ignorant to anyone.
o i had already watch it ^^ it funni but it is veri random think the director squeeze the 3 movie into one&they skip a lot of things though
i had already told other ppl in tis movie abt the show b4 u guys comment =.=&most of my frens had already watch it
i'm never gonna watch this movie even by mistake....'ll be an insult to twilight!!!!
My opinion is that this movie and spoofs like it--while maybe intended to be humorous--only seem to be about people cashing in on other people's success, instead of generating original ideas and succeeding on the strength of their own talents. Spoofs like these end up reeking of jealousy and declare a lack of originality.

I suppose their motto is "I couldn't come up with anything of my own to say that anyone would care to hear, so I'm gonna make fun of something famous because then at least people will be talking about me."

Weak and pathetic. In my opinion.
Actually you said it perfectly, changed my opinion.
I agree with Shannon.
The "Twilight" movie series has released 3 of the 5 movies. And they are already making a spoofs. Give me a break. I had the misfortune of ending up with a copy of "Pride and Prejudice with Zombies" and threw it in the Trash as soon as I read of Elizabeth Bennett's decision to decapitate Darcy at the dance for slighting her. 90 percent of the "pop culture" literary and movie critics can't even bother to read or go see the original "Twilight," the spoof is just another way of generation "narcissist" avoiding the fact that actions have consequences. And that just maybe respecting someone other than themselves has merit.
Well I think it is just wrong. I wont be seeing it at the theater or on DVD. My husband finds the trailers to be funny and claimed he would take me to see it, I told him the only way I was going is if I was kicking and screaming and then BOOING thru the whole horrible thing.
I totally agree.. I don't really understand why some people are really offended... It's just a funny movie... Maybe I will watch the movie...
i might watch it but every time i see more and more of the previews on tv it doesnt looks as good as it did b4
I have not watched it and as of now I have no plans of watching it. Im too addicted to Twilight and too in love with the characters to watch this, I actually started arguing with my sister when she asked if I had seen it!
I know I won't watch is someones way of making thier buck off Twlight. I am sure all of the haters out there will love the spoof of a movie!!


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