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Would you rather be a vampire or a warewolf?

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iI would love to be a vampire!!!
i be a vampire too.
Vampires rule man!! Edward can bite me anytime.
VAMPIRES!!! edward cullen can so bite me and change me whenever!
i would love to be a vampire not a smelly werewolf
jaime i am the same as u who would want to stink
Definitly a vampire warewolves have to change at the full moon every month and from books i've read and movie's i have seen it looks painfull so i'd rather be a Vampire
obviously... vampires...
kristen says that she likes warewolves, because they are true for themselves and the vampires are so rigid and boring.... but i think that a vampire can love for the eternity without stop, and he will love with more intensity than on the day before. the warewolves have also that eternity but they are to much unstable they dont have the control that a vampire has. its a lot more safe.... and beautiful... and magic....
I would rather be a Hybrid.. Edward is nice and Jacob is too, but what about becoming a hybrid?? I take it not many people have see Underworld.. but if it was one or the other it would have to be warewolf..
Are we asking for actual werewolf or a shapeshifter? If it was a werewolf, then I would prefer vampires for their coolness ;P I could live on animal blood and go to school to play around with my powers if I were to have any. I would be the Emmett type, haha. If it were a shapeshifter, then I think I would be that than a vampire cuz in the end, I would want to continue to grow old..
definitely VAMPIRE!!!!


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