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Would like to have everyone's input!

Was Jacob right to 'force' Bella kiss him?  Was Jacob right to trick Bella into kissing him before going off to fight against the newborns?  What should Edward have done?

Please put down any opinions or feelings of yours!  I won't judge or put you down!  I appreciate any input!!! Thanks!

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I think it was wrong of Jacob to kiss her without her permission. I think it sucked that he didn't feel the punch Bella gave him. LOL. I also think it was somewhat wrong of Jacob to trick Bella into kissing him but at the same time I think it was right because it made her realize she does love him more than brother/sister or best friends should....
I think Edward should have gone after Jacob and give him a little tussle for tricking her, but he loved Bella too much to do that. He was mature enough to understand why he did what he did. I think he knew that Bella loved Edward deeper than her love for Jacob.

I think that Edward did everything right.... he was mature enough to understand that if Bella loved Jacob and chose him instead of Edward that he would want her to be happy and have Edward in the background waiting for her because he knows she would go back to him if Jacob ever ended up imprinted on someone. Don't you agree?
Was Jacob right to 'force' Bella kiss him? Was Jacob right to trick Bella into kissing him before going off to fight against the newborns?
-- Absolutely NOT. I can understand why Jacob did what he did, but that does not excuse it. The end does not justify the means, and in this case the "means" were wrong.

What should Edward have done?
-- Edward should have been pissed off at both of them. All the many times that Bella has said that she loves Edward and wants to be with Edward. The fact that she agreed to marry Edward, then at least for a moment throws all that out the window. Was Jacob's life really that important to her? Just because Bella was "tricked", it really should not get her off the hook. And I agree, the "your only human" is the worst excuse ever. Then for Jacob, the fact that Edward "chuckles" when he sees what happened (through Seth's thoughts) is really bazaar. The only thing that Edward seems mildly upset about is that he doesn't "get to" punch Jacob for what he did. HELLO Jacob black mailed Bella, I would think that would void out the "she asked me to" precondition!! What about Bella's honor or respect, should that not also be taken into consideration. There becomes a point when "understanding" is NOT the correct response, and to me this situation is a clear example.
(To be honest I have a theory on why Edward responded the way he did, but it would take this off topic)
Hmm good points JJ. Hmm yeah. If she was tricked then it really wasn't her permission. I mean under duress it doesn't justify. True. Yeah I thought Edward should have gone off at Jacob but like he said they were only human and that he understood. I thought it must have taken alot of control to fool Bella that he was okay with it. I know he would like to punch Jacob but he couldn't because he told Jacob that if she asked him he won't do anything about it. Only if he did that without her permission.

Hmm good point JJ!!
" Hmm yeah. If she was tricked then it really wasn't her permission."

That is my whole point. Jacob deserved a good punch in the face and Edward deserved to give it to him. I guess you could call Bella breaking his heart, after the battle "justice" but that is just sad.
Makes me want Midnight Sun, to see what Edward was really thinking!
Ok I am going to add my comment of why I think that Edward reacted the way he did. The reason I didn't earlier is because I think it might make some people upset. I want to phrase this so that I am not throwing Edward under the bus. But the real reason that I think Edward is so "understanding" and relaxed is because that is the opposite of what Jacob is wanting him to do. I think that this is Edward still "fighting". Let me explain. Think to what is the first question that Jacob asks Bella when she visits him after he was hurt. Jacob asks her about Edward's reaction (and is honestly worried about her). Edward's reaction was Jacob's last hope for this to turn his direction. There is no way on earth that Edward would not have known that. Edward was intentionally listening to Jacob's brain (through Seth).

Edward did not "fight" any less hard for Bella then Jacob did. Edward however is so much smoother and makes his actions seem more natural. (Example, Edward blowing on the top of Bella's head when Jacob came over to get the scent, classic Edward move.) The only logical explanation for Edward to actually "chuckle" when he saw what Bella and Jacob did, is if he also heard in Jacob's head, Jacob's imagination of Edward giving her an ultimatum or just completely rejecting her. Those thoughts would be so ridiculous that Edward would chuckle, but to see the love of his life making out with Jacob, that is so not funny.
Wow!!!! Hmmm I never thought that way.... Very good perspective there JJ!!!!! Of course Edward would listen to Jacob's thoughts through Seth's and know what he is expecting and does the opposite! Hmmm why didn't I think of that?! lol
I am so glad that I didn't make you angry. There are so many people who get so defensive when it comes to Edward. But I must say this is the ONLY explanation that makes any sense to me.
Oh everyone is entitled to their own opinions... I am team Edward, Bella, and the Cullens. :)

But I do know how to read the words right LOL so I know what you are trying to say. So no worries there JJ. :)

I don't put anyone down for their beliefs or opinions (Unless it comes to politics LMAO).... I want to be able to respect everyone's views and their feelings. You know?
Of course it was wrong for Jake to kiss her. He knew she didn't want to kiss him. that's the second time. The fact that Edward did not get mad, because he knew that thats what she might want, makes him even more perfect. I have to admitt when she started kissing him back, and knew that she was falling for him. I cry'd like a baby. because I wanted Edward and Bella together forever. I just kept saying in between tears, No Bella! No! LOL
Edward has loved Bella, since the first book. And since the first book he has been saying, he will always be there for her as long as she wants him. He knows she is human and that she might changed her mind about him one day. In my opinion he has been expecting this since they first said I love you. I guess we'll have to wait until Midnight Sun to see what he was really thinking.
How incredibly sad, to think that Edward never had faith in Bella for her to actually stay with him. I know that is probably not what you meant, but how awful. One main problem for both Bella and Edward is that they don't believe that the other one loves them as much as they love each other (Bella does not believe Edward loves her as much as she loves him, and the same is true of Edward). How truly sad.


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