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Would like to have everyone's input!

Was Jacob right to 'force' Bella kiss him?  Was Jacob right to trick Bella into kissing him before going off to fight against the newborns?  What should Edward have done?

Please put down any opinions or feelings of yours!  I won't judge or put you down!  I appreciate any input!!! Thanks!

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I think its because Bella was human and Edward is a vampire. Edward knows that human mind can change minds.... whereas Bella thought that Edward didn't love her enough like she loves him because he is a vampire. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I mean I understand what you mean but I am trying to explain the complex of their love. You understand?


Oh I "get it", but to me your explanation does not make it any less sad. Edward and Bella have never really "understood" each other and for them to be soul mates, that just seems sad. It has always bothered me how Edward and Bella suck at communicating with each other.
Yes it is sad, Bella thinks Edward would want someone as beautiful and perfect as he is. And she can't understand that Edward thinks she is perfect. "sigh" So sad.
But don't you understand? WE humans all have insecurities right??? So she is a normal girl just like us and vampire girls are gorgeous and she felt she was plain to them and thought Edward would rather want one of those "model" girls but she is beautiful and herself to Edward which is why he loves her. Hmmm I do relate with Bella alot. lol
Oh I get that Bella is Human and a insecure, the fact that Edwrad loves her is... Perfection. I just think that it's sad that they don't agree with each other, in the trust department. (Trusting each other that they will always love and be with each other) "sigh"
hmm true yeah lol
hmm good point there Jaime. It could hurt Bella more to see two guys fight over her and making her more upset... good point
Wow that is so Bella. good job.
I think it was wrong for Jacob to kiss Bella. Edward was very upset. It did make Bella see that she loves Jacob too.
I don't think he was right... But you can't force someone to do something he don't want to do... She was wrong for doing it...
I do thin it was wrong of Jacob to do what he done BUT, he was only trying to show Bella that he would do anything to be with her and how much he loved her. Edward did go about everything in the righ away. I love the fact that Jocab done all the things he did it made reading the books just so much better!
honestly I have to say that I think the first kiss was wrong and he was way out of line for that one. I do have a problem with that one and even as much as I dislike Bella I was cheering her on when she hit him.. I did however find Charlie's response to it very odd when he was told about it.

the second kiss, the so called "blackmailed" one I dont see any issue with that one. I think he made it clear that he wanted a kiss and she had a choice to either give it to him or not. she chose to kiss him and in the end she could not lie to herself about how she truly felt about him and she could not hide from it any longer which in the end I believe it was because of her feelings for him she agreed to that kiss and not the so called black mail. anyway, that's MO.

what should Edward have done? he knew that jacob would do anything to win as would edward so they were both playing the game. it was like playing a game of chess or basketball. everyone scores atleast one point. and eddie knew it was all part of their game. so he reacted in game mode. good job to both.


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