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So I went to watch Twilight again the other night and something odd stood out to me in a scene. When the Cullens and Bella are in the garage planning out the actions of what to do with James and Victoria, Carlisle all of a sudden has a couple CD's in his hand. Now I'm just curious, if this was such dire time to save Bella when did he have time to pick out some music. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that scene now I crack up laughing wondering exactly what music he picked out for his driving trip. Anyone else have any odd things that they wondered about?!?!?! Would love to hear.

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Oh .. I noticed ssomething very odd. Did you notice how Bella Says to edward you never eat or drink anything. But If you Pay attention in the cafeteria scenes they are eating. But in the book it Says they can eat but they just dont like the taste. That got me really confuzed.
I noticed, in the movie that when Bella stalks into her room after "Breaking Up" with Edward if you look into the room just next to the open door you can see him. I saw it and cracked up so bad!
notice how charlie never shows up in the hospital scene....

check this out!
LOL I was laughin readin that just cuz of the way u put it!
Well... hes a vampire and they are fast so ...
OMG. i never noticed that Ill probley watch that and just start laughting. has anyone noticed when the nomad vamps kill Wallan the camera goes up and ther is a strip of trees and a black backround for like 3 seconds and I dont know why its there and ion the same scene when Carlisle has the Cds Esme disapears.
What always bothers me is when their eating in the diner and when Bella is puttin ketchup on her burger all of the sudden sum ppl start busting out laughing. Why is that?????? Sum1 PLZ enlighten me!!!!
Abby Cullen
umm i neva notced that i gota look again
the R's on the beer cans line up in the sence where Charlie is cleaning his gun right before Edward in.
the way that edward and bella just stared at each other and they didnt say anything about it


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