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So I went to watch Twilight again the other night and something odd stood out to me in a scene. When the Cullens and Bella are in the garage planning out the actions of what to do with James and Victoria, Carlisle all of a sudden has a couple CD's in his hand. Now I'm just curious, if this was such dire time to save Bella when did he have time to pick out some music. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that scene now I crack up laughing wondering exactly what music he picked out for his driving trip. Anyone else have any odd things that they wondered about?!?!?! Would love to hear.

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she keeps blinking! i mean i no she had contacts but it was so distracting! mayb im just easily distracted but seriously that just doesnt work. couldnt kristen have done just a little bit betr of a job if shes expecting 2 live up 2 that role.

also i think james was more attractive than laurent in the movie, but in the book, bella thought that james was plain for a vampire. thats prettyy stupid!

also wen the showed jake and his friends at first beach quils hair was long! i mean i ges he couldve cut it, but in nm quil was described like so: "The shorter boy waas more burly. His white T-shirt was strained over his well-developed chest, and he seemed gleefully conscious of that fact. His hair was so short it was almost a buzz. pg 138 nm

a naked barbie doll, twister a webkinz and a 500 pc puzzle were just sum of the crap in her room. it seemed 2 me in the book like her room didnt have much old stuff in ti, and bella doesnt strike me as the kind of person who secretly dresses up dolls and plays w/ stuffed animals
in the book she said that she hadn't been there in 4 years, so she's 17, that would make her 13 the last time she'd been there, i know a 15 who still has stuffed animals, but the barbies don't make much sense
Anyone else notice how in the movie there were refrences made to the book but had absolutely nothing to do with the actual movies (events in the movie)? I found that a bit odd and frustrating.
I noticed when he first started talking to Bella in th biology lab that when he first introduced himself he looked all freaked out and nervous, then the next shot shows him smiling and in control. Did anyone else notice that? Weird.
In the movie Edward was so emotional. In the book he was not so freaked out when he saw Bella in biology. He turned away and didn't look at her. In the book, instead of being so emotional, he was composed most of the time, outwardly at least.
Well In the book it said that she had a slow computer but in the movie she had a brand new
computer! Isnt that weird?
Yeah That Bothered me ALOT. In the Book shes non stop complaining about how SLOW her computer is. But in the Movie shes got a mac notebook i think it is.
haha i never noticed the cds!:) i did notice the tubes around bellas face keep changeing postion in diff shots
wen bella first gets her truck if u look in the silver part of the tire u can c the reflection of the microphone in it..lmao
i didnt notice that but i did notice stephanie in the second(i think) cafe scene. i dont know if there were any more bloopers like that though...
i just wondering where is edward scar(at his neck) if carlisle had bitten him at his neck.. i think the only thing that left scar at the vampire is the venom scar..?
carlisle didnt bite edward on the neck dont you remember?
Calrlisle was bitten in awkward places because he was trying to fight a vampire!
He didnt know how to create a vampire so he just duplicated his own bites. then found out later that his way was more painful and took longer than a bite on the neck or in a major artery or vein...


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