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So I went to watch Twilight again the other night and something odd stood out to me in a scene. When the Cullens and Bella are in the garage planning out the actions of what to do with James and Victoria, Carlisle all of a sudden has a couple CD's in his hand. Now I'm just curious, if this was such dire time to save Bella when did he have time to pick out some music. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that scene now I crack up laughing wondering exactly what music he picked out for his driving trip. Anyone else have any odd things that they wondered about?!?!?! Would love to hear.

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i so noticed that too ..
seriously cuz i noticed tht 2 [ the first time i saw it] they really need 2 double check on new moon so they dont hav any mistakes n it like twlight
I noticed that too. It was really bugging me.
I saw that with the oxygen tubes in all different positions around her face too. It drives me CRAZY! such a simple thing. they must have noticed, but maybe they would have had to go back and reshoot or something? I dont know but it doesnt make sense to me why they wouldnt fix that.
wow i will have to keep my eye out for that i dint notice that. but i dont think that was very smart haha 'we have to save bella but let me grab some cds first' pretty hilarious
I'm so curious now. I'm gonna have to watch it again and look at all those. lol
me 2
I noticed that when they were "jumping"" around in the trees... Edward leaped off of one and just went straight across... there was no arch or movement at all in the jump ... just straight across. I alsio noticed the when he was "running" up the tree he was clawing thin air lol. The 2nd time me and my friend saw the movie we just laughed at all the little details.
ok i didn't see tat. but i did see someting HILARIUOSE!!! in the baseball sence wen edward and emmett crash, once they fall to the ground EDWARD flicks off emmett. i didn't notice it until the third time i saw it!!! Reply pleez
omg i saw an interview with kellen and they asked him about it heres the link
lol i never noticed but i was (at the time) trying to save my drink from my friend Dustin and i was trying to figure out what was wrong with my friend Lea so i was a bit preoccupied.
He snapped his fingers or gave him a thumbs up from the look of it...


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