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So I went to watch Twilight again the other night and something odd stood out to me in a scene. When the Cullens and Bella are in the garage planning out the actions of what to do with James and Victoria, Carlisle all of a sudden has a couple CD's in his hand. Now I'm just curious, if this was such dire time to save Bella when did he have time to pick out some music. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that scene now I crack up laughing wondering exactly what music he picked out for his driving trip. Anyone else have any odd things that they wondered about?!?!?! Would love to hear.

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lol i seriously busted out laughing in the movie theater when i saw Bella go cross eyed!
my sister as like shutup! but it was too funny XD
i didnt see that.... but i guess he had nohing better to do xD
Did anyone else notice that when the cullens entered the cafeteria Emmett was carrying a bag of eggs?! :S
i think they were marshmallows. i saw a pic of that on google, it's weird. i also saw emmett look at edward in the cafeteria and he was chewing. vampires don't eat. they shouldn't have put that in the movie. it doesn't fit and that part doesn't really relate to the book. it's sort of confusing and random.
When Bella was in the hospital Edward was "sleeping" on the fouton beside her. On one look at Edward his head was turned left. And then when they turned back to Edward his face was turned left.. :}
omg! i am just now notcing the cd thing but i've noticed the stephenie thing like seven times already lol i thought i was the only one
i will watch it again for the 11th times juz 2 b sure .. i do noticed dat but i neglected it ..
her walls were suppose 2 be YELLOW NOT GREEN and the shorts she was wearin 4 their first kiss!!!!! comon !!! and emmetts truck is suppose 2 be red NOT GRAY lmaoo
i notice that 2
I think thats odd it probably was passports thoughl ha ha. When Edward said that bella was like his heroine (sp?) All the teenagers behind me started laughing. I honestly don't think that was suposed to be funny.........
At the beginning Bella is holding a cactus that she takes with her to Forks. I thought that was kind of funny.
yeah every time i see the movie it seems silly her standing just holding it :-P


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