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So I went to watch Twilight again the other night and something odd stood out to me in a scene. When the Cullens and Bella are in the garage planning out the actions of what to do with James and Victoria, Carlisle all of a sudden has a couple CD's in his hand. Now I'm just curious, if this was such dire time to save Bella when did he have time to pick out some music. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that scene now I crack up laughing wondering exactly what music he picked out for his driving trip. Anyone else have any odd things that they wondered about?!?!?! Would love to hear.

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well another thing about that garage scene Esme just up and dissapears

BUT this has been the thing bothering me the car crash scene bella says to carlisle that she was lucky edward pushed her out of the way and thats her story to everyone but when they found her she was right in between the cars edward just walked away and the van just stopped with a dent in it when the only think that could hit it would be bella cuz it magicly stopped 2 feet away from her ??? and how does the van just spin and come straight at her like i just dont know???
it just doest work with the way the shot the accident i mean obviously they couldnt have it smack her car and fly back to hit her again but i mean think about it
I noticed that about Edward too!! He just hopped over the truck, and was gone!! And I was like....huh? Why? I know in the book he stays, so why the change in the movie? It didn't make a difference, except for anyone that has read the book.
maybe so they would avoid like questions people around would have or things like that. And no one said anything in the movie becasue "maybe" they were just focused on how Bella was and the accident and for us to see the part of how Edward stops the van.
u know how victoria is looking down on bella and edward dancing at the end of the movie, well i noticed how victoria is actually inside the prom/gym when bella first walks into the gym. thats a little scary lol shes standin ny the punch in the back of the room and they get a close up of her bak
really??? mmm.. ima check that out next time i see it.
When Bella meet the Cullens in their house Emmett is in the back w/ an evil face and waving a knife at Bella
I found that really funny like if been in a house full of vamps was scary already
OH MAN yes that was really funny I thought... him waving the knife. Like I know he didnt mean it to look like that but it was funny when he did it.
when they have the stunt double u can tell it's not them
lol that is hell funny... im gonna look out for that the next time i see the movie
peter, aka carlisle is really doing odd things on the set like eating while filming (considering that vamps can't eat...i mean they can but still, they have to get it out later...) e.g. he was eating grapes while filming the scene where bella is at the house of the cullens....

i think its just the actor himself...
lol. ill have to chek that out. you probably know this already but in the second diner scene they show Stephene Meyer sitting at the bar on a labtop SUPPOSEDLY writting Breaking Dawn! I don't know maybe i'm thinking to much into this, but how can the creator of a book be in the movie based on her book writting the last novel of that book's series. Thats just too exsact to be a coincedence. Who knows though maybe she was just thirsty and went on set for some"stage water". or maybe she thought it would be fun to freak people (like me) out like that. if so..... is she going to be in the next movie, or was this a one time thing? Maybe she will find a way to sneek herself on camera for just a few seconds so that we can all ecsplode from the confusion. And if she is in New Moon, what will she be doing? drinking coffie, reading Eclipse, maybe finishing up Midnight Sun.
the director thought it would be funny to have her writing Breaking dawn. I dont know about anyone else but I found it funny


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