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Feel free to participate in any part of, or this entire discussion. I am trying a couple of new ideas. If our members find them interesting and want to participate, I will continue them, Your friend, Doc

Introduction: A love bond is a real psychological phenomenon, by which a part of the ego (or soul, "thxs T") of one lover blends with their partner's. It binds them together, and usually makes each person psychologically stronger. For example: The love bond that grew between Edward and Bella, gave Edward the added strength to accept a fate (many times worse than death for him) and leave his beloved Bella. Coincidentally his love bond was what compelled him to decide to return to her later in the story.


Werewolf Alpha commands: Are orders given by a Werewolf pack's Alpha member. They compel other members to obey. For example: When Sam ordered the pack to kill Nese, as much as Jacob didn't want to, he knew that he couldn't stop himself from participating in the killing of both her and Bella. Jacob's accepting his role as a new Alpha Werewolf, was all that prevented him from participating in their deaths.  

Werewolf imprinting: Is the establishment of a lifetime attachment by a Werewolf to a human mate. And it compels the Werewolf to be attracted to this mate and to reject any other. It also compels the Werewolf to care for and look after the interests of his mate. Example: Sam had developed a moderately strong love bond with Leah, but from the moment he imprinted on Emily, his affections and concern were only for her and would be until the day he died.

Discussion Questions :*  
No, 1:  Give your favorite example of a love bond, Werewolf  Imprinting, or an "Alpha Order" from the "Twilight Saga." (If you prefer feel free to give examples from all three.)  
No, 2:  Which form of the three types of  compulsions do you feel is the strongest ?  
No, 3:  Could Jacob leave Renesmee, as Edward left Bella ? 
No, 4:  Could he have sacrificed Nesse, if she turned out to be a real danger to other people he loved ?*  
Question, 5:  WRITE question (to be placed on this discussions counterpoint list) about "Twilight Saga" Werewolf Imprinting, Werewolf Alpha orders, Or human love bonds, that you would like for our discussion team to debate.


I am introducing a new "extra credit"  question system to our Rose discussions: They are questions about Stephanie Meyers life (from her interviews)  and her  "Words of Wisdom, "Twilight" Style.

Question number 1. Stephanie Quote:  “In my church (The Mormom Church) we are prohibited from having sex prior to marriage." Consequently a Mormon girl typically gets proposed to multiple times. I had been proposed to at college and declined. Then I returned home and there was Christian !  (PP)

Question: If you were to guess, how many times do you think that Christian Meyer ask Stephanie to marry him?  Ref: "Phoenix New Times" article.


Stephanie Question No, 2:

Stephanie “As I became more involved in writing “Twilight,” changes developed in my daily schedule."  I even quit going to my scrap book club entirely. I was just too embarrassed to tell my husband that I was writing a “Vampire romance novel.” (PP) And it was taking away from our time together. Easy going Christian became testy and then finally came the day, when he made the painful accusation that he thought that Stephanie was …….?

Ref www.mtv interview



Twilight "Words Of Wisdom" For " Rose "Twilight" High School and Middle School Students ONLY (YES..This does means YOU Sneaky Cat!) There are 1500 SAT (American College Placement Exam) or GED (High School Graduation Equivalency Exam) "word definitions questions" made from words used in the "Twilight" Saga. 

The word "WIZENED" Can be found on page 4. of the book New Moon. What does it mean? And how did Stephie use it as she advanced Bella's story?  



Doc B
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Questions 1 and 2 are from Professor Sara Worley's essay "Love and authority among Werewolves: department of psychology University of Bowling Green.


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My favorite love bond is between Bella and Edward
I don't think that Jake can leave Renesmee. Imprinting on someone to me is a stronger bond than just falling in love.
I think if Renesmee was becoming dangerous to the ones he love he will take her away from them but not leave her.
I agree 100%!
thank you!

Dear Mz Twilight
This question was from Professor's essay. The truth is that I haven't thought what my personal opinions are. I agree with you.
The only question I have is, is imprinting stronger than a love bond. There are love bonds and there are love bonds. For example Sam and Layla's bond was not as intense as Edward's and Bella's. I will have to ponder some more, Thank you for sharing with us Doc.

Thank You for asking my opinion.

Now.. I will say 1st of all that it's Sam and Emily not Layla. lol

Now to begin. I would say that the imprinting is more intense than a love bond. My reasons for my answers are that:

-When a wolf imprints, the subject becomes their life now. They don't really have options. They will love this person always and no one else. They will always stick with that person.

-Bella and Edward fell in love and have a strong love bond and healthy relationship BUT at anytime, Bella could have decided that although she loves Edward it is not what she really wants or even the other way around. That cannot happen with a wolf. They will love that person no matter what and inspite of.

-3rd. I realise you said that you don't think that Sam and Emily's bond was as intense as Bella and Edward's BUT we do not know that for sure because the story is not situated around Sam and Emily enough to know how they really live and how much they really love each other. but we did get the fact that he have to live with the pain of seeing her face like that for the rest of their lives and he hates it and tries to make her feel as comfortable as possible (like kissing up the scars in New Moon) although he hurts soo much inside to know that he did that to his love and know he can never take it back.

The story is situated around Bella and Edward but I think if it was situated more around the wolves who imprinted then we would have seen how much they love their other half and how they will do anything for them and always love them and always be there for them no matter what.

That is what I gathered from what imprinting does and in my opinion, yes it is stronger than just a love bond. It is stronger but not necessarily better because like Spegs just said, choice! you choose to love someone and let the relationship develop and Doc said God gave us freewill and the choice to love to me which is better than not having a choice but all in all imprinting is still stronger.

Just my opinion.
Thanks again for wanting it. :)Delete Comment

Dear Mz T,
You make excellent points.
Thanks you for the follow up, Doc
PS. In the discussion, I said that Sam and Leah had a love bond. He of course lost interest in her when he imprinted on Emily. We know that Leah suffered after Sam lost interest in her. Bella and Edward's bond was so intense that both of them went into deep depressions for months. Bella rejected the idea of commiting suicide out of her concerns for Charlie. And Edward did accept death when he "learned" that Bella was "dead." It was for those reasons that I presumed that the intensity of Sam and Leah's love bond was not as strong as Edwards and Bella's. But you make a good point rendering opinions on the intensity of a love bonds is more subjective in nature than objective.

Oh ok. Well I will definitely say that I think that Bella and Edward's love bond in much stronger than Sam and Leah's but we have to remember the story does not tell us much about Sam and Leah so we don't know for sure but to continue, we have to remember that Bella and Edward ~FELL IN LOVE~ and Sam and Leah ~FELL IN LOVE~ and everyone's relationship is not on the same level BUT in the case now where Sam IMPRINTED on Emily and LEFT Leah, that Sam and Emily's relationship is stronger than Bella and Edward's because of what I specifically stated above (imprinting in my opinion is stronger than just a love bond)

Thanks again for taking the time out to read my opinion.
Dear Doc B,

I love the bond of Edward and Bella..why?because It was developed, it's a choice....for me it is LOVE....
I don't think Jake can leave Nessie...because their bond is strong..It doesn't leave Jake a choice...
And I don't think Jake can kill Nessie even though she is really dangerous or something,maybe
Jake would be glad to take Nessie's place...


Dear Spegs
It (Bella and Edward's love bond) was developed, it's a choice....for me it is LOVE.... Your observation that Bella and Edward's love bond was a choice is very interesting. The two most important human characteristics are the ability to love. And the fact that all humans are given by God the gift of freewill. Consequently it would seem that she would be the first one to agree with you. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Hi Doc.

1.- My favorite love bond is all of them. No really think about it. You have Edward and Bella, they are completely in love with each other, would die for each other, would sacrafise themselves for each other. You have Jasper and Alice, one with a horrific past and one with no memory of a past. They are a one of a kind couple. They would follow each other any where. You have Rosalie and Emmett, two complete opposites. They try different things to please the other. Example, Rose was a self absorb person, beauty was and still is everything to her, but she is willing to work on and fix cars for the ones she loves, to get dirty if you will. Then you have Carlisle and Esme, two very loving parents of sorts. One a doctor, the other a archatech. Even after all these years they still look into each others eyes like they are falling in love all over again. The whole family as a whole is one complete love bond to me. It is unbreakable.
As for the Alpha orders, they are a strong component to the pack, but they can be disobeyed. With Jacob being the true Alpha he could break the ties the bound him when Sam gave him a order. With Seth it was because he felt in his heart that what Sam was ordering ( killing Bella) was wrong. Leah because she loved her brother, and was willing to follow him. A part of her had to believe that Jacob was right about protecting the Cullens otherwise I think she couldn't have left Sam's Pack.

2.- A Werewolf Imprint is the strongest to me. It was describe as something very strong, you had no contol over it. The subject of your imprint is your life now. They are like the air you breathe. What ever that person wanted in life you would be it for them. A friend, or a lover it didn't matter. You only want to make them happy.

3.- I don't believe Jacob could leave Renesmee unless she wanted it. I think that would be the only way. But I feel that Jacob would never be far away from her. He would still keep a close eye on her no matter what.

4.- No I don't think he could sacrafice her. I think he would take off with her first to someplace remote. Since they can't really be tracked, they could hide forever. If she were to die, I believe he would go insane and eventually kill himself from the loss and pain he would feel.

Hope this helps Doc.
As always these are just my feelings, looking forward to everybody elses.
This was a nice opinion and also completely true! Or at least that's how I feel also.


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